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Mancave Essentials: Stündenglass Gravity Beverage Infuser

Science should be a mancave staple, and this infuser is sure to bring out the Pasteur in you. It’s a device that will smoke your …

Holiday Gift Guide 2020
Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Our Holiday Gift Guide looks beefier than usual, and we attribute that to the Jetsons-like influence of advanced tech. What chip shortage? Electric jet boards, …


The AIRROBO T10+, The Ash & Allergy Slayer

The newly released AIRROBO T10+ has been a godsend for our office. You can’t possibly imagine how many times visiting cigar smokers carelessly ash on …

Gift Guide

Summer Gift Guide

What better time to gift-give than Summer? Christmas is six months away, the warm weather lends itself to generosity, some lucky folks have birthdays, other …


Father’s Day Gift Guide

We’re so ready for Father’s Day 2021 and the chance to get a cool, thoughtful gift. Here’s a handy guide full of suggestions that we …

NewAir 250 Count Humidor

NewAir 250 Count Thermoelectric Humidor

NewAir 250 Count Thermoelectric Humidor $399 It looks like a luxe, stainless steel dorm refrigerator, but you’d have to be one evolved college kid …

Holiday Gift Guide 2020
Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Malls are so 2002, plus we always lose our cigar. Instead, we’ll help you select the hottest holiday gifts with a list of some excellent …

Alkemista Infusion Vessel

Alkemista Infusion Vessel – Barware

ALKEMISTA INFUSION VESSEL $70 We’ve infused spirits with pineapple, blueberries and raspberries, but it’s always been done in a makeshift container, usually oversized, leaving …


Essentials: Aaron Thomas Ashtray Collection

Aaron Thomas Ashtray Collection Branded ashtrays are an essential part of your evolution as a cigar enthusiast; they are also oftentimes included as a gift …


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Valentine’s Day is around the corner. We found some great gifts you can use everywhere from your man cave to your …

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