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Holiday Gift Guide


We deliver a diverse collection of some distinctive gifts for this holiday season. This year has seen escalated consumer spending, and brands have stepped up their game. Outdoor-friendly tech, fashionable athletic wear, waterproof and lightweight outdoor gear and tech, finely crafted cigar accessories, wearable muscle soothers, and illuminating reading material present some big choices, although we suggest an “I’ll have one of each” approach.

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The Guardian P-38 Lightning Luminox X Volition America


A watch series that is inspired by the navy blue uniforms of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, this is the newest member of the Luminox X Volition collection. The dial and band take on the color of the sentinels at the Arlington National Cemetery, with the dial accented by gold numerals and indices, just like the uniforms. A portion of each sale goes to Folds of Honor, a group that supports the families of fallen or disabled military and first responders.

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COR Surf 25L Waterproof Dry Backpack


When you land in some deep water with a backpack strapped on, you’ll want it to float. The COR Surf 25L has got you covered on the pack; you’ll have to handle the rest. This bag features a padded laptop sleeve, industrially welded seams, mesh side pockets, and a reflective strip for nighttime identification. We’re particularly enamored of the 2.2-pound weight and relatively small size, which tops out at 18 vertical inches and 13 inches wide.

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A Passion For Whisky


Subtitled “How the tiny Scottish island of Islay creates malts that captivate the world,” author Ian Wisniewski dutifully profiles each of Islay’s 13 distilleries, a place considered a mecca for lovers of malt whiskies. Wisniewski is also the author of “The Whiskey Dictionary,” and “Classic Malt Whiskey” and an accomplished spirits ambassador and drink writer. Tasting notes, tips for tasting techniques, and a detailed glossary round out the 250 pages of his latest.

Ember Cigar Purse


This is where the Vegas lounge singer says, “This is a little something for the ladies.” For real, the Ember Cigar Purse is for cigar-smoking women, designed by women. It has a pleasing, simple aesthetic edge with a black crocodile pattern. But it’s also functional, as it contains a case that fits neatly inside and holds three cigars. The package is completed with closed compartments for cutter and lighter, credit card slots, and a bit more room for more.

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Peter Millar Perth Performance Quarter-Zip


The quarter zip is the fashionable brother of the hoodie; it has much more room to style, which is what Peter Millar manages here, with four-way stretch, moisture wicking, and a polyester/spandex that makes it a comfortable travel garment for athleisure days on the road or a golf trip. The Performance Quarter-Zip comes with a stand collar and banded bottom in six colors and six sizes with a classic fit.

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Hyperice Venom Go


Let’s face it, we’re comfort junkies. The smallest ache from going deeper on the track or at the gym elicits a cry for help. Hyperice is on the spot with some solace and remedy. The Venom Go not only looks great but has the potential to soothe; it is the brand’s latest wearable heat/vibration pad that attaches to the troubled muscle spot. The pad goes on the skin, and the pod magnetically attaches to the pad, delivering heat and vibration in nine combinations. It is simple to control, with three buttons: power, heat, vibration. Each unit comes with three pads for up to 20 uses per pad, and a battery life of up to an hour per use.

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William Henry Hurricane Cigar Cutter


Consider this in the exotic line of cigar cutters, with its signature being the Mokume gane Japanese metal work, created via a process that delivers a patterned mixed metal laminate. The Hurricane features a polished fossil woolly mammoth tooth frame that has a hole big enough to handle a 52-gauge cigar. There’s plenty of citrine gemstones, titanium, stainless, and sterling hardware to finish this off, and it also doubles as a pocket knife.

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Catalyst Business Laptop Convertible Bag: Genuine Leather: Space Black


Businessmen are people too. And they need backpacks just as any other traveler. The Catalyst bag is a versatile piece of mostly-business leather luggage that features an inside laptop pocket, snap-tight buckles, and the intriguing ability to zip back and fold down the entire back, allowing for packing tight and zipping back up. This feature alone makes it easier for full access when needed. Comes in three colors and two finishes, including oiled leather in amber brown. Also includes a side shoulder strap to convert the backpack into a messenger bag.

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H20 Audio SnoPro With Playlist+


Preparing us for the ski season, H20 Audio manages to deflect the harbinger of winter with an addition to its heralded PRO Series. It comes with Playlist+ tech, which allows users to stash up to 8GB of music or podcasts from their content provider to enjoy while engaging in their cold outdoor sports. The headphones are open ear, which fit over the ear rather than inside, and are fully waterproof, which means fair game for the hot tub. We like the controls on the side of the earpiece, which requires just a quick press to change things up.

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