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Mancave Essentials: Rabbit A3 Ultra Quiet Air

Mancave Essentials 


Many of us are veterans in the air purifier sector, whether we are using them in the mancave or scoping out the industrial strength hoovers at the local lounge. For the home smoke den, the new Rabbit Air A3 is just what you need to ensure no one grouses about the smell of smoke in your smoking enclave, on your clothes or in your hair. The new A3 is the latest of the Rabbit Air products, covering up to 1,070 square feet, over 200 square feet more than its already-formidable MinusA2. 

The A3 filters the air within 30 minutes of being turned on, but its major selling point is the fact that in addition to floor or shelf use, it can be hung on the wall, and with more ease than that 75-inch LG OLED set permanently on ESPN. Just use the enclosed wall mount guide that will help outline where exactly to place the brackets, drill, and hang (the YouTube video practically hangs it for you). Elevation allows the A3 to catch more of the smoke, which rises, and it can be hung upside down so the controls are still simple to maneuver. Like most things, there’s an app for that, and the A3’s app allows you to control it remotely or adjust it without lifting yourself off the couch. The last talking point, and it’s no minor issue, is the hushed purr of the A3 – no thrum or hum. According to Rabbit Air, it’s quieter than a library or a whisper. Comes in black, white, or choose from some pre-printed options. We’re sold. 

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