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Southern Hospitality
2021 May / June

Southern Hospitality Charleston, SC.

If Charleston, South Carolina had a politically incorrect office in its chamber of commerce, Jon Whitley would be its leader. “I’m into alcohol, firearms and ...
Drew Estate

Undercrown Turns 10

HOW A CIGAR BORN ON THE FACTORY FLOOR ASCENDED TO STARDOM In March 2009, an all hands on deck meeting was called at La Gran ...
The Back Story
2021 May / June

The Back Story: Big Sur

The Back Story Mark Twain once said the coldest winter he ever spent was a summer in San Francisco. Although I’m not sure he ever ...
2021 March / April

Into The Wild

A wise man once said, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” We followed that sage advice and ended up catching ...
2020 September / October

Confessions of an Absolute Neophyte

Confessions of an Absolute Neophyte An eight-cigar journey and a search for a clue. By: Anonymous I smoked my first cigar (and my hundredth) about ...
2020 July / August

The Americans: Keeping Tampa’s Legacy Burning

The Americans We’ve done the tourist traps to death, from the theme parks (Dollywood, no thanks) to the roadside stops (really, there’s a cheese castle ...
Road Trippin'
Road trippin

Road Trippin’

Road Trippin’ We’re still hung up with this ‘rona virus, and while it looks like it’s abating, the aftereffects are dogging us. Air travel is ...
2020 May / June

Movies for the ‘Rona

Movies for the ‘Rona If you’re like us, you’ve reached the end of Netflix and have sadly moved on to crossword puzzles and Sudoku. But ...
All Hands on Deck
2020 May / June

All Hands On Deck

When disaster strikes, cigar and spirit companies are among the first to lend a hand. All Hands on Deck It was a busy day on ...

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