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As Seen In the 2021 November / December Issue

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Undercrown 10

Undercrown 10

Master Blender for Drew Estate Cigar Co.: Willy Herrera Undercrown is a monster brand. We wrote about it in our May/June 2021 issue where we wrote ...
Liga Privada

Liga Privada H99

Master Blender for Drew Estate Cigar Co.: Willy Herrera This Liga Privada H99 line kind of came out of nowhere. We’re always in communication with ...

Orlando For Grown-ups

There is more to this town than theme parks and bumper-to-bumper chain restaurants. Leave the kids at home and enter a whole new world of ...
Camacho Factory Unleashed

Camacho Factory Unleashed

Brand Ambassador for Camacho Cigars: George Rami The Camacho Factory Unleashed, with its shaggy foot, looks unlike any cigar we can remember from Camacho. What ...
Perfect Pairings

Perfect Pairings: Angel’s Envy Port Barrel Finish / Casa Cuba

The bourbon whiskey business is not as old as Scotch whisky but it certainly isn’t new. After all, bourbon has been distilled in Kentucky and ...

Crux Epicure Maduro

Vice President of Crux Cigars: Casey Haugen Let’s jump into the rebrand conversation because while the cigars were good when you guys first launched, we ...

The Tank Craft Beer Run

The fourth running of the South Florida Craft Beer Run in Miami drew its usual fast crowd of runners, beer lovers and running beer lovers. ...

Industrial Cigar Company 5th Annual Halloween Party

Industrial Cigar Company parties are becoming legendary for their creativity as well as their ability to draw large crowds. This was the Frisco, Texas company’s ...

Davidoff Gastronomy Tour

The BLEND Bar with Davidoff gastro trek was a road tripping extravaganza that took in BLEND bars in three cities, moving from Indianapolis to Pittsburgh ...
Atlanta Cigar Week

Atlanta Cigar Week

Atlanta lit up for a week in September to celebrate the fifth annual Atlanta Cigar Week, seven days of the third week of the month ...

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