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Rafael Nodal

Inflation Buster Cigars + South American Wine Tasting + Interview w/Rafael Nodal

In this episode the guys pick their favorite inflation buster cigars while smoking Montecristo 1935 Anniversary Nicaragua. They blind taste 3 highly rated South American ...
City Cigar Lounge

City Cigar Lounge Grandiversary

It was called a “grandiversary,” a clever turn of phrase to celebrate the City Cigar Lounge’s trifecta of grand opening, one-year anniversary and two-year anniversary, ...

Into the Blue

Into the Blue Location: Stardust Studio Miami, Fl Cigar: Montecristo Epic Vintage 12 Check out our other photoshoots!

Montecristo Announces Collector Series Humidor

Montecristo is delivering the sticks and the humidor in a special, limited edition collector release this month. Each of the numbered Montecristo Collector Series Humidors ...
First Cigar with Billy Gibbons

First Cigar with Billy Gibbons

Interview by Sean Chaffin Like many fans of the Old West, there was just something about The Man With No Name for a young Billy ...

Modern Classic

Modern Classic Location: Miami, FL Cigars: Montecristo White Series Check out our other photoshoots!

Rogue Rolling Thunder Imperial Stout 2019 / Montecristo Espada Oscuro

Rogue Rolling Thunder Montecristo Aside from the fact that we have year-round great weather, live minutes away from the Florida Keys, and have access to ...
Montecristo Nicaragua Series / Havana Café cocktail

Havana Café cocktail / Montecristo Nicaragua Series

Havana Café In many ways, the premium cigar industry is about taking Cuban culture and adapting it to a new home outside of Cuba. Take, ...

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