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Artesano del Tobacco

EL Pulpo

Artesano Del Tobacco Unveils El Pulpo Gordita The Fry

Artesano Del Tobacco announces a new size of El Pulpo cigars, the Fry, a 4 x 48 pigtailed Gordita ($12.40). It features a San Andreas ...
Viva La Vida

Artesano Del Tobacco to Unveil the New Viva La Vida 5th Anniversary

Artesano Del Tobacco will launch the Viva La Vida 5th Year Anniversary at PCA 2024 in Las Vegas this week. The 5th Anniversary comes in a ...
Viva La Vida

Viva La Vida

Owners of Artesano Del Tobacco: Gus and Billy Fakih You guys launched the Viva La Vida brand in May of 2019 but although the brand ...
AJ Fernandez

AJ Fernandez Will Handle International Distribution for Viva La Vida Cigars

AJ Fernandez will launch Viva La Vida cigars internationally, a little over a year after announcing it would be handling distribution for all of its ...

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