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Tony Gomez- La Flor Dominicana

Since Litto Gómez and Inés Lorenzo-Gómez founded La Flor Dominicana in the middle of the 1990s cigar boom, the company has laid claim to both …

Photos by Angela Altus
Geoffrey Zakarian

The Geoffrey Zakarian Experience

A meal at New York City’s The Lambs Club (at the Chatwal Hotel on 44th Street) might give you a good sense for who Geoffrey Zakarian is.


Jose Oliva – Oliva Cigar Co.

Not too many guys in the cigar industry look the way José Oliva does. “I’ve had the same haircut since I was 12,” he joked …


Crowned Heads’ Jon Huber on Las Calaveras cigars

  While we were in Nashville doing research for our May/June 2014 issue, we stopped for a chat with Jon Huber of Crowned Heads Cigars to …

Cigar Emporium Houston

An interview with Houston city councilman, Dwight Boykins

While we were in Houston doing research for our March/April 2014 issue, we happened to meet Dwight Boykins, who is not only a member of …


Nestor Miranda on cigars, celebrating New Year’s Eve, and his run-in with a bear

For the November/December 2013 issue of Cigar Snob, we interviewed a number of cigar industry stars to find out how they planned to ring in the …

Cigar Shop

Serious cigar talk with Jeff Borysiewicz of Corona Cigar Company

The September/October 2013 issue of Cigar Snob included a piece titled “Shame on you: driving the herf into the shadows.” In that piece, we explored ways …

Arturo Fuente y Cia

First Cigar: An interview with jazz great Arturo Sandoval

Interview by Nicolás Antonio Jiménez,  Photo by Manny Iriarte Can you remember your first cigar? I’m 63, and I was 14 years old when I …

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