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El Tren

First Cigar with Robeisy “El Tren” Ramírez 

Interview by Michael Beltrán and Nicolás A. Jiménez After Cuban boxer Robeisy “El Tren” Ramírez won two Olympic gold medals, a horrific experience with Cuba’s ...
Cuban Cowboy

First Cigar with Orlando Mendez: The Cuban Cowboy

So it’s not every day that we have a country singer from Miami. A Cuban cowboy at that. So how did country music become your ...
Nick Melillo

Nick Melillo: Renaissance Man

The founder of Foundation Cigar Co. has traveled the world, plumbed the notions of mystics, toured with Ziggy Marley, and become cigar buddies with Joe ...
Truth is Out

The Truth is Out There 

It’s Not Your Imagination: Illusione Founder Dion Giolito is a True Believer – In Tobacco  Dion Giolito had his priorities even as a teenager. It ...

There Goes The Neighborhood

Chef Michael Beltrán of the Michelin-starred Ariete is bringing top-tier hospitality to the cigar bar game in downtown Miami Cigar Snob: “What do you name ...

The Long and Winding Road of Oscar Valladares Tobacco & Co. 

Riding shotgun along a country road in Talanga, Honduras, we crossed a small bridge and he said, “This is where the property line starts.” As ...
Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri: Full Throttle

CULINARY ACE BURSTS ONTO CIGAR SCENE WITH HUGE PERSONALITY AND FLAVORFUL BLENDS. Guy Fieri isn’t much for casual interests. Be it food, wine, spirits, or ...
Jack Douglas

Jack Douglas has shaped your life whether you know it or not

As a record producer, Jack Douglas has over the decades helped create music by John Lennon, Cheap Trick, Alice Cooper, and myriad other culture shapers. ...
Charles Woodson

Charles Woodson 

NFL STAR TALKS ABOUT THE BIG HOUSE, LIFE ON THE VINE, AND MOVING IN THE MIC. Charles Woodson’s in the prime of his career, which ...
Carrying the torch

Carrying the Torch – S.T. Dupont

From royalty to James Bond, luggage to lighters, 150 years of S.T. Dupont Opulance When you’re a century and a half old, you expect certain ...

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