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Orlando Mendez

What Exactly is a Premium Cigar? + Beer, Glorious Beer, and an Interview with Orlando Mendez

The title and direction of this show was taken from listener feedback asking, “Can you define the difference between a premium cigar vs a non-premium ...
Stillwell Star

What makes a cigar bad? + We blind taste 3 California Reds and smoke the Stillwell Star

From construction, to flavors, to fermentation, the guys break down all of the factors that unequivocally mean that your cigar is a bad one. Did ...

Does wrapper color equal strength? + Blended Scotch + an interview with JDN’s Juan Martinez

A perfectly synergistic episode where the cigar, question, spirit selection, and interview guest all revolve around a question sent in by a listener. The guys ...
Rocky Patel

Rocky Patel is in the House + Bourbon Pairing

We sat down with Rocky Patel to talk about his latest influences in cigar blending as well as his upcoming release of the highly anticipated ...

Why do different shapes and sizes taste different + Tequilas + Illusione + Manolo Santiago interview

The guys answer an excellent listener question about why different vitolas of the same blend have different flavor profiles and even strength differences. During the ...

Tatuaje Lomo de Cerdo + Aged Rums + What do you look for in a cigar lounge

The guys get goofy on aged rums while discussing the topic of what you look for in a cigar lounge. They go overboard in their ...

Cigar storing with or without cellophane? + Rene Castañeda from Villiger Cigars

The guys answer an X’s & O’s question from a serial emailer about whether it is a good idea or not to store or age ...

Smoking a Celebration Cigar!

It’s time to celebrate with a proper celebratory smoke, the Davidoff Year of the Rabbit. The guys enjoyed it with a vertical tasting of the ...
Top 25

The Top 25 Show featuring an interview with Nick Melillo

The guys play a game to see who gets to smoke the Cigar of the Year from Cigar Snob Magazine’s Top 25. They toast to ...
Michael Herklots

How does Cigar Snob rate cigars? + Michael Herklots interview

The guys tackle a popular question about how Cigar Snob Magazine rates cigars while smoking the Ferio Tego Timeless 10 Years. The Perfect Pairings segment ...

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