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Thieves Nab Smokes from Miami Warehouse

Miami Warehouse

Thieves broke into the Miami warehouse of C.L.E. Cigar Company on Saturday night, making off with an unknown quantity of cigars.

C.L.E. President Christian Eiroa said that the industrial park that houses his operation is considered secure, with a locking gate in the front and shock sensors all around the complex. 

“The shock sensors did not go off,” Eiroa said. “I could have had ten Dobermans back there and they still would have gotten in. They broke right into the cold room.”

It allowed the burglars to access his stock, although the specific targets of the theft are suspicious. At this point, the purloined cigars appear to be mostly Asylums, he said. 

“It almost looks targeted,” Eiroa said. He said many of his cigars are backordered and he is only able to ship about ten percent of the orders he is receiving right now, due to a tight supply chain. He said he has sent out a mass mailer to customers, alerting them of the theft and to be cautious of who they buy the cigars from.

Cigar heists are not necessarily uncommon. Earlier this year, thieves in New York made off with $60,000 worth of premium cigars from Davidoff of Geneva after entering through a vacant building next door to the store. In June, shoplifters stole $500 worth of cigars from a Total Wine humidor in Knoxville. 

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