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Mombacho Cigars Hires Indiana Ortez as General Manager

Mombacho Cigars

Mombacho Cigars S.A. has hired Indiana Ortez as general manager for the  company’s Nicaraguan operations. Ortez comes to the job after working as quality control manager and chief marketing officer at Agroindustrial Nicaraguense de Tabacos S.A. (Agrotabacos), operated her father, Omar Ortez, an industry veteran.

“This position allows me to keep my personal promise of  working with well fermented tobaccos and continuing to push quality and consistency to an uncompromising place,” Indiana Ortez said in a press release. “Moving to the exciting colonial town of Granada, Nicaragua is also an  exciting part of the role. Mombacho feels like a spaceship that is ready for take-off.” 

In an interview last year, Ortez credited her father and the three generations of Nicaraguan tobacco experience with motivating her to learn more about the business. 

“I call the world of tobacco ‘the New World’ “, she said. “It balances you, demands all your energy and time, and if you are working in it from the heart, it returns to you in a perfectly balanced smoke, capable of making you fall in love.”

In a statement, Cam Heaps, president of Mombacho Cigars, said “Indiana’s  impressive and broad expertise is a welcome asset, her passion, spirit, and management style will  also be an important part of the company’s cultural vision.”

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