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Manufacturer: AJ Fernandez

Diesel Presents "Estelí Puro"

Diesel Presents “Estelí Puro”

Diesel Presents Estelí Puro Diesel‘s latest collection is the Estelí Puro, a full-time addition to the brand’s lineup that was created in collaboration with AJ …

Onyx Bold Nicaragua

Onyx Bold Nicaragua Arrives in August

Altadis U.S.A. brings back the Onyx Bold Nicaragua, a medium-to-full bodied cigar that is the follow up to the award-winning Onyx Reserve.  This cigar is …


Altadis releases Henry Clay War Hawk Rebellious Limited Edition

Altadis announces their release of their limited edition Henry Clay War Hawk Rebellious. Earning a 93 rating, this cigar was a huge success in their …

Cigar Snob Mail Time

Cigar Snob Mail Time: Altadis, Golfballs, Viva la Vida, & Monticello Vineyards

Cigar Snob Mail Time What time is it? It’s MAIL TIME!!! Bunch of new packages at Cigar Snob HQ so here it is. Thank you …

Cigar Snob Team Chats

Editors’ Roundtable: Smoking Viva La Vida, talking protests, drive-thrus, and COVID’s toll on cigars

Erik, Ivan (and Jasper) smoke the Viva La Vida robusto while talking about the protests, riots, and looting. They also get into the impact that …


Smoking Hot Cigar Snob Callie Herd ft. the Top 5 Cigars of 2019 (CODE RED)

We take you behind the scenes of our CODE RED photoshoot featured in our 2020 March / April Issue. Click here to access your COMPLIMENTARY …

Code Red

Code Red Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series Rocky Patel Aged, Limited, and Rare 2nd Edition Espinosa Las 6 Provincias MTZ Ramon Allones by AJ Fernandez Oliva …

Work of Art

Work of Art Bellas Artes by Aj Fernandez Click HERE to check out our other photoshoots!

Cigar Snob Team Chats

Editors’ Roundtable – Episode 100! – Viva La Vida Jester cigars, Miami Heat, dead ISIS terrorists

Editors’ Roundtable Incredibly, we made it to episode 100 of the Cigar Snob Podcast! Erik, Ivan and Nick light up some limited-edition Viva La Vida …


Nestor Miranda & Jason Wood on Don Lino Africa cigars, black mambas and working with your in laws

Senior editor Nicolás Jiménez went to Miami Cigar headquarters to chat with Nestor Miranda and Jason Wood about the new Don Lino Africa, their relationship …

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