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CRA – Court Vacating Warning Label Requirements on Premium Cigars

By : Glynn Loope Yesterday, Judge Amit P. Mehta issued an opinion that vacated FDA required warning labels on premium cigars. In his findings, Judge ...

Even outside the industry, FDA regulation of premium cigars looks like a bad idea

FDA regulation By: Glynn Loope Over what seems an eternity, yet has only been since the 2016 “Final Rule” was issued by the U.S. Food ...

FDA issues press release on new regulations, extension of authority over tobacco products

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today released a 499-page document detailing an extension of its regulatory authority to all tobacco products (which includes ...
Cigar rights language clears another legislative hurdle

Cigar rights language clears another legislative hurdle

The buzz around the topic of FDA regulation of premium cigars (and the effort to stop it) has been unusually loud. That’s because on April ...

Cigar Rights of America praises House subcommittee language protecting premium cigars

Cigar Rights of America issued the following press release regarding developments on the ongoing battle over the FDA’s proposed regulation of premium cigars.  Cigar Rights ...

Cigar Rights of America director’s open letter to presidential candidates

Glynn Loope, executive director or Cigar Rights of America, issues an open letter to anyone hoping to win the 2016 presidential election. In the letter, ...

2015 brings new proposals to encroach on cigar rights

At the beginning of every year, state legislatures convene to discuss legislation for the rest of the year. Many of the introduced bills directly affect ...

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