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As Seen In the 2024 March/April Issue

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Cuban Cowboy

First Cigar with Orlando Mendez: The Cuban Cowboy

So it’s not every day that we have a country singer from Miami. A Cuban cowboy at that. So how did country music become your ...
Nick Melillo

Nick Melillo: Renaissance Man

The founder of Foundation Cigar Co. has traveled the world, plumbed the notions of mystics, toured with Ziggy Marley, and become cigar buddies with Joe ...

Sushi Bar Miami Beach – Omakase Meets SpeakEasy

Tucked away just off Española Way, one of the trendiest streets on South Beach, is a discreet black door simply marked with the letters SB.Behind ...
Smoke on the Water

Smoke on the Water: Cigars, Hollywood, Rock Legends and Trains in the Playground of Europe

Zermatt, Switzerland – By the time the gondola reached 9,000 feet, we were in the middle of a whiteout. It was pure static outside our ...

Splurge (Candela C-8)

This section of the magazine is typically reserved for “Essentials” as in things you can’t live without. But sometimes a new product comes along that ...
Relax & Indulge

Relax & Indulge

Relax & Indulge Cigar: Espinosa Laranja Azulejo Check out our other photoshoots!
Relax and Indulge

BTS “Relax and Indulge” – Smokin’ Hot Cigar Snob Photo Shoot

What do you get when you combine an Espinosa Azulejo corona with a smoking hot Aussie drinking Zafra Rum on Española Way in South Beach? ...
Got Gear

Got Gear

It’s springtime and some of you in the less temperate climates are preparing to emerge from some weather-induced torpor. We got you as you come ...
ProCigar 2024

ProCigar 2024 : Come for the cigars, stay for the party!

The Dominican Republic’s annual ProCigar Festival, now in its 16th year, brings together cigar lovers from all corners of the world to celebrate the country’s ...

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