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As Seen In the 2020 November / December Issue

Nov Dec 2020

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Audi Q3: It Takes Two & That’s Enough

Audi’s smallest SUV gives the luxury brand a formidable vehicle for those seeking a bit more space than a sedan. With all the refined accoutrements ...

Vitola 101 – Robusto

In more ways than one the robusto size is ideal for today’s cigar smoker. At 5 inches it is short enough to enjoy in under ...

Blended to Perfection: Frapin Cognac

Frapin Cognac turns 750 years old this year. But it doesn’t look a day over 500. The veteran small-batch brand that operates out of a ...

Destination OKC

Destination OKC When the sky turns green, you look for the funnel, Kyle Warr says. In Oklahoma City, one of the most tornado-prone areas in ...

Diesel Estelí Puro

Global Brand Ambassador for Diesel: Justin Andrews You started your cigar industry career at a small, family owned, boutique cigar company called Lou Rodriguez Cigars ...

Hotel California

Hotel California Location: Miami Cigars: La Aurora 107 Check out our other photoshoots!

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