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Cincoro Tequila Añejo / Davidoff Aniversario


Tequila Extra Añejo

40% ABV.


To be completely truthful, the origin story of Cincoro is about as lame as a group of billionaires can come up with, which somehow leads me to believe it may actually be true or close to it. The story is that back in 2016 the dinner reservations for these five NBA owners at New York’s Pasquale Jones was mistakenly made for the wrong date and they had to wait 40 minutes for their table. The five – Hornets owner Michael Jordan, the Lakers’ Jeannie Buss, the Bucks’ Wes Edens, and the Celtics’ Wyc Grousbeck and his now wife Emilia Fazzalari – had never really spent time together so they got into small talk. The small talk led to the topic of MJ’s favorite spirit, tequila.

Before long they were critiquing tequilas and found themselves imagining a “better” tequila, one that has the crisp flavors of a world-class tequila but a long finish reminiscent of a fine cognac. This long night of drinks and trendy pizza discussing the merits of tequila brought the group together to the point that they decided to join the ever-expanding universe of celebrity spirits.


The group created Cinco Spirits Group as the parent company and enlisted the help of Jordan’s longtime collaborator, Nike’s Mark Smith, to design the bottle. Together they designed an elongated bottle for Cincoro that evokes the image of agave leaves while paying tribute to the five owners by making the bottle five-sided. The bottle angles up from the bottom at 23 degrees, a subtle nod to MJ. The crystal stopper also angles at 23 degrees and there is an indentation at the bottom of the bottle so that you can sort of interlock one bottle with another. If you lay enough bottles out on the floor interlocked, they form the same circumference as center court on a regulation NBA floor. If you’ve collected enough of these and are able to make this happen, I’d love to see the proof.


Within Jalisco, where the majority of tequila is produced, blue agave plants are grown in two basic regions, the highlands and the lowlands. The highlands feature a red clay soil that produces agaves with fruitier characteristics while the lowland agaves are earthier in nature. In an effort to produce a more balanced final product, Cincoro is made from both regions. Agaves from each region are harvested, cooked, fermented, and distilled separately, and then combined in equal parts before entering the barrel for aging.


This is an ideal tequila for non-tequila drinkers who want to be eased into the category slowly and with plenty of warm, sweet flavors. The nose is rich with vanilla, toffee, and an ever so subtle hint of agave. The aromas from the nose follow you directly into the palate and are joined by cinnamon and subtle spice.

Cigar Pairing: Davidoff Aniversario

Pairing Notes

The Cincoro Añejo’s over the top sweetness coats your palate, beautifully complementing the cigar’s dry cedar and spice notes. This is the type of pairing that should be enjoyed as an after-dinner treat. The smoke prevents the Cincoro’s vanilla and toffee from ever becoming overwhelming.

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