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Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Talks Cigars By Sean Chaffin

Comic Dog

From peppering celebrities with questions to making appearances on late night TV, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is a busy pooch – even chatting it up with politicians at presidential conventions and releasing a comedy album in 2003. The conversational canine is now helping out some fellow celebrities by hitting the tables at the Ed Asner Celebrity Poker Night fundraiser on June 12.

This year’s event is held online with video feeds offering interaction with other players. Along with Asner, some of those expected to play include Jack Black, Brad Garrett, Jason Alexander, Lou Diamond Phillips, Daryl Hannah, and numerous others.

Obviously Triumph will be the biggest star in the field and these celebs better be on their toes and can expect plenty of ribbing from the quick-witted, cigar-chomping puppet (and his handler, comedian Robert Smigel). Triumph recently spoke with Cigar Snob about his own love of stogies.

How long have you been a cigar smoker and what do you like about them?

Well I hate to break the illusion, but I don’t really smoke them. I just kind of suck on them to satisfy my oral fixation. It also keeps me from going for my “pink thing” while I’m on camera.

What’s your favorite cigar brand or style?

Like everybody, as far as style, I love sucking on a Cuban – Partagas, Cohibas, Camila Cabellos. Well actually, it’s very interesting, I have my own cigar brand – El Poopducto. They look like poop and they taste like poop. But the best thing about them is no one ever asks you for one. No one ever wants to bum an El Poopducto off of you.

Looking to play with Triumph in the Ed Asner Celebrity Poker Night? The event raises funds for the Asner Center, an all-encompassing resource dedicated to helping individuals (and their families) with autism, developmental delays, and other special needs. Players have until June 4 to register for the tournament. For more information, click here.

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