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Tag: Perfect Pairings

Kinnity Castle
2022 May / June

Kinnity Castle Aged 10 Years / Rocky Patel Disciple

IRISH WHISKEY 43% ABV BUILT BACK BETTER We’re suckers for castles, we just are. I don’t know if it’s the Arthurian legends popularized in books …


Perfect Pairings: Selvarey Owner’s Reserve / Undercrown 10

Celebrity spirits have been all the rage in recent years so when the PR campaign for SelvaRey Rum started showing up everywhere featuring Bruno Mars …

Romana Black
2022 January / February

Romana Black / Diesel Sunday Gravy

SAMBUCA LIQEUER 40% ABV WHY SAMBUCA? In 1851 Luigi Manzi created the recipe for a liqueur that would aid digestion and help relieve gas discomfort. …

Miami Club
2022 January / February

Miami Club Cuban Coffee Rum Liqueur / La Aurora 115th Anniversary

COFFEE LIQUEUR 28% ABV MADE IN MIAMI Internationally the city of Miami is known for a lot of things; the nightlife, beaches, and people who …

2022 January / February

Godiva Chocolate Liqueur / Southern Draw Rose of Sharon

CHOCOLATE LIQUEUR 15% ABV THE LEGEND OF LADY GODIVA Thank goodness they didn’t have mobile phones or Instagram stories in eleventh century England, otherwise the …

2022 January / February

Comte Louis de Lauriston Calvados Domfrontais V.S.O.P. / AVO Syncro Caribe

Calvados 42% ABV CALVADOS Much like cognac, champagne, and bordeaux, calvados is a product and a region. The region of Calvados is located in Normandy …

Grand Marnier
2022 January / February

Grand Marnier Cuvée Louis-Alexandre / Illusione ULTRA

Cognac and Orange Liqueur 40% ABV STROKE OF GENUIS Jean-Baptiste Lapostolle founded his humble distillery in Neauphle-le-Château just outside of Paris in 1827 with the …

Blue Label

Perfect Pairings: Johnny Walker Blue Label / Montecristo Epic Vintage 12

As our 15th Anniversary Celebration was winding down on the evening of October 2nd, an army of servers emerged from the Hard Rock Mansion carrying …

Perfect Pairings
2021 November / December

Perfect Pairings: Angel’s Envy Port Barrel Finish / Casa Cuba

The bourbon whiskey business is not as old as Scotch whisky but it certainly isn’t new. After all, bourbon has been distilled in Kentucky and …

2021 September/October

Cenote Tequila Añejo / EPC New Wave Connecticit

Tequila Extra Añejo 40% ABV. EL GUAPO, WHAT IS A CENOTE? A cenote, pronounced seh-note-eh, is a natural sinkhole filled with crystal clear fresh water. …

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