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0063 – The S.T. Dupont LeGrand lighter — soft and jet flame all in one

Whether at your local cigar shop, in social media, or in the hands of your gadget-obsessed friends, it’s likely that you comes across a lot of cigar accessories. There’s always some new shape of ashtray, finish of humidor or guillotine mechanism out there to try out — but rarely are those new features much more than cosmetic or novelties that stop just short of being truly innovative.

Every once in a while, though, a game changing tool comes along. One such tool is the S.T. Dupont Le Grand lighter. In a nutshell, the lighter seamlessly marries soft and jet flame in a way that’s as beautiful as it is practical.

To get the details, we spoke recently with Jennifer Loria, the S.T. Dupont brand manager at Davidoff, which has sole distribution in the U.S. market.


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