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Quality Importers Announces the Launch of Four New Xikar X-Clusive Luxury Cigar Cutters

Quality Importers

Quality Importers has launched the  XIKAR X-clusive series of luxury cigar cutters, developed in partnership with jeweler Jacob & Co.

The collection features constellation and geometric designs, with hand-applied enamel finishes in various hues on a body of sterling silver with a suggested retail price of $16,000.

Designs can be customized to feature gold, silver, diamonds, emeralds, or any other precious materials. The constellation cutters are available in blue or black enamel finishes, accentuating the constellations with sterling silver details. 

Meanwhile, the geometric cutter design offers two options—a solid sterling silver finish with the illusion of dimension or a geometric hombre design transitioning from yellow to burgundy with an enamel finish.

Also part of the  XIKAR X-clusive series is the Dueling Dragons Chasing Flaming Pearl Cigar Cutter.. With an MSRP of $160,000, this cutter features an 18K gold body and blade handles set by hand with 1,940 22.50 carat red rubies. The handles, which hold the precision steel blades, showcase two ruby-eyed 18K yellow gold dragons with arms outstretched to clutch a large flame- engulfed pearl at the apex of the cutter.Quality Importers provides interested individuals a private showing of the XIKAR X-clusive series or plan a tour of their Florida offices. For inquiries visit

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