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Micallef Cigars Retires the Grande Bold Line

Micallef Cigars

Micallef Cigars will end the Grande Bold portfolio of cigars in January, donating whatever leftover inventory its retail outlets have to the CIgars for Warriors program.
The line started in 2018 with five blends and 22 sizes that came in distinctive red boxes. Micallef is working with its retail partners, whom the brand said are preparing specials on the cigar.
During a wave of threatened FDA regulation of premium cigars several years ago, the ability to construct new products without predicates was a significant concern. Today with a more optimistic regulatory environment, Micaleff has invested in its own factory and is stepping up production and development of new products.
“We are excited about how the investments we’ve made in our factory and tobacco inventory are producing Micallef Cigars people love!” Dan Thompson, Micallef Cigars president, said in a press release. “We are focusing our portfolio to better serve consumers through our family-owned brick and mortar business partners. This business decision positions us to oversee the journey from the field to our friends and ensures the best experience.”

In another Micaleff development, based on feedback from its ambassador community, Micallef Cigars will introduce robustos into its popular Reata and Micallef A blends in early 2023.

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