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Luciano Cigars Announces In-House Distribution, New Personnel as part of Expansion

Luciano Cigars

Luciano Cigars is launching U.S. distribution from its West Palm Beach, Florida, warehouse, with an expanded executive and sales team. Retailers who previously carried Luciano Cigars products under former distributors will now be serviced directly by Luciano Cigars. 

Luciano Cigars will also launch a portal on its website by the end of the year that will allow retail partners to schedule events,  talk to their sales representative and place orders directly into the company’s  system. 

As part of its expansion, Luciano Cigars has added ATL Cigar Company, an Atlanta-based boutique brand, to its lineup and will distribute ATL Cigar products through its distribution platform. The brand will be owned and managed separately under the Luciano Cigars umbrella.  Luciano Cigars factory will manufacture all ATL Cigar Co. lines in anticipation of a full portfolio release at TPE 2023.

Luciano Cigars has also added several key members to direct its operation, including Peter Gross, co-founder of ATL Cigar, as chief operating officer, Rebecca Meirelles as chief marketing officer, cigar industry veteran Ed Trevino as director of sales and Kristen Dounoulis as distribution manager. 

The company has distributed cigars globally since 2019 and will continue to do so in Germany, France, Belgium, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Bahrain and the UAE.
Retailers wishing to contact their sales representatives and secure inventory can email [email protected] or visit to connect with their local rep.

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