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Quality Importers Unveils the Global NFT Cigar Accessory Collection 

Quality Importers

Quality Importers Trading Company has released its Global NFT Gallery Collection, a series of cigar accessories that are based on NFT artwork. The first two lines in this series are the Havana Beauties and Calavera and will ship to retailers beginning this week.

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are unique cryptographic tokens on the blockchain  that can represent anything from digital art to  real estate. QI has created  a line of accessories to assist artists in their endeavors. With every sale, a portion  of the proceeds will go to the artist.

“The NFT community is something I care deeply  about,” Michael Giordano, CEO and founder of QI, said in a press release. “I am able to connect to artists digitally that I never would have discovered otherwise and offer  them the unique capabilities here at QI to bring their art to the masses.”

The Calavera line is being released to coincide with Dia de los Muertos. Designed by India-based  artist Jahnvi Arora specifically for QI, the Calavera features a classic sugar skull design with a twist as it  features hidden QI designs.  

The Calavera Series includes the Xikar Xi2 ($72.99), Humidor Supreme 20-count humidor ($63.99) and Four Finger Ashtray  ($60.99).

The Havana Beauties line is designed by Iranian artist Maryam Sadeghi and includes the Delight, Fiction, Fascination, Insight and Daydream. Each features the Humidor Supreme 20-count humidor ($63.99), Palio’ Ballista Triple Torch Lighter ($38.99),  Four Finger Ashtray ($60.99) and 62 RG Closed Back Cutter ($4.99) 

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