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Perfect Pairings: Johnny Walker Blue Label / Montecristo Epic Vintage 12

Blue Label

As our 15th Anniversary Celebration was winding down on the evening of October 2nd, an army of servers emerged from the Hard Rock Mansion carrying the sweet nectar of Blue Label for the crowd. Moments earlier, they had all been handed a Montecristo Epic Vintage 12 in preparation for this moment. As expected, the crowd attacked the servers; it looked like a very well dressed reenactment of Braveheart. It was a beautiful scene and a fitting end to a beautiful celebration. As the crowd dispersed and there was only our staff left, our amazing event planners produced one more bottle of Blue Label and a handful Montecristo Epic Vintage 12s. We spent to rest of the night reminiscing about the past 15 years and just being thankful for everyone who has played a role in getting to this point; that includes you the reader, our small but dedicated staff, our sponsors, our business partners, and our families for putting up with our insane schedules.


The Montecristo Epic Vintage 12 is impeccably constructed with a profile of wood, specifically cedar and oak, honey, and orange zest accompanied by a smooth white pepper note throughout. On the nose the whisky is sublime with notes of sherry, dried fruit, vanilla, oak, and a touch of smokiness. Drinking the whisky neat in a Glencairn glass, you get a combination of white oak, ginger spice, and green apple. Taking a puff of the Montecristo Epic Vantage 12 after the whisky brings out an overwhelming creaminess in the cigar and all but wipes out the white pepper.

Photography by: Andy Astencio

Location: The Mighty – Tavern and Eatery

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