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Rocky Patel Cigar Smoking World Championship

Rocky Patel Cigar Smoking World Championship

Partnering up with Rocky Patel, The Cigar smoking World Championship (CSWC) will be taking place in Split, Croatia this year in September.

“The Cigar Smoking World Championship is certainly an international competition in the slow smoking of cigars but at the same time it is much more than just a competition. It is the perfect tool to wake up so many emotion in every cigar enthusiast through the medium of friendly competition.” said Marko Billic, the organizer and creator of the global event.

This collaboration will result in a new cigar being made exclusively for this competition and to also be sold post event. The Cigar Smoking World Championship cigar will come in 3 vitolas; Mareva (corona) 5 ⅛ x 42, robusto 5 x 50, and a toro 6 x 52. The robusto and toro sizes will come in twenty count boxes while the Mareva (the official size for the competition) comes in a ten count box. 

“I wanted to blend and produce a special competition cigar that can be enjoyed by everyone across the world for years to come.” said Rocky Patel

Qualifying events will take place in over thirty countries where the winner from each country will appear at the grand finale in Croatia. Countries and cultures will come together at this global event to witness who will become the cigar smoking world champion.  

National qualifying events are listed below. The winner from each event will compete in the USA Championship being held at BURN by Rocky Patel in Pittsburgh, PA on July 17th, 2020.

March 12, 2020                               BURN by Rocky Patel             Naples, FL

March 13, 2020                               Finck Cigar Company             San Antonio, TX

March 14, 2020                               Renegade Cigars                 Dallas, TX

March 18, 2020                               Fox Cigar Bar                     Gilbert, AZ

March 18, 2020                              Havana Cigar Bar                 Anthem, AZ

March 20, 2020                               Cigars LTD                       Fresno, CA

March 21, 2020                               Lord Puffer Cigars                 Escondido, CA

May 6, 2020                                     Rocky Patel Cigar Lounge       Norridge, IL

May 7, 2020                                     Smoking Cave Cigar Lounge   Highlands Ranch, CO

May 8, 2020                                     Gun Club of Tennessee       Nashville, TN

May 13, 2020                                   Diebel’s Sportsmens Gallery     Kansas City, MO

May 14, 2020                                   Safari Cigars & Lounge         Omaha, NE

May 15, 2020                                   Tobacco Grove               Minneapolis, MN

May 16, 2020                                  Smoke Inn                   West Palm Beach, FL

May 22, 2020 Two Guys Smoke Shop Salem, NH

July 17, 2020*                                BURN by Rocky Patel           Pittsburgh, PA

* (USA Championship Event)

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