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Caldwell Cigar Co. announces “Nothing You Ever Heard Of” cigar limited to 49 retailers


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Press release issued by Caldwell Cigar Co.

4 Months+1Week prior to 18 May 1868 / The Honeycomb Hideout Caldwell Cigar Company has announced the debut of their first limited edition to mark their one year anniversary. The project has been in the works since the early fall and they are in their final stages. The cigars were made in December but will need to hibernate through the winter. They are set to ship in May. The name of the brand has not yet been disclosed, but for the time being the company is referring to the brand as ‘Nothing You Ever Heard Of’.

It will debut in a very small run of 500 10 count boxes. They will be made available to a very select group of retailers. Caldwell has said that that group is not to exceed 49 merchants nationwide. “We are initiating a group called the First 49”, Caldwell says. “This select group will consist of the first 49 retailers that supported and continue to support this venture. We are releasing this product only to them. As we continue to release products in the coming years, these retailers will have first dibs on these releases”. Due to the tiny production of this limited release, all of the First 49ers may not even have a crack at it. We are limiting stores to 10 boxes each. The exception will be the launch partners, who will have access to 30 boxes a piece for the launch events”, states Caldwell.

The first run will be made only in the belicoso format. The plan is to release the cigar twice a year, each time in a different format. They will be made at Tabacalera William Ventura, in Tamboril, DR. Caldwell touts that these cigars are completely unique to anything he has smoked before. They will be full bodied, yet very refined. “They are going to be the fullest bodied cigar in the Caldwell Collection, yet palatable for most smokers.”

There is a limited amount of information being made available for the time being, but here is a vague breakdown: The first run will feature 500 10 count boxes. They are being made using a hybrid Connecticut Arapiraca Natural Maduro wrapper. The other blend information is being excluded for the time being.

Caldwell will be releasing a list of retailers who will be carrying the cigar in the coming weeks.

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