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Crux Cigars

Industrial Cigar Company 6th Annual Halloween Party

The ICC Time Machine at Industrial Cigar Co. in Frisco, Texas stitched together the space-time continuum for a multi-era themed costume party. For six years ...

Crux Epicure Maduro

Vice President of Crux Cigars: Casey Haugen Let’s jump into the rebrand conversation because while the cigars were good when you guys first launched, we ...
Cigar Snob Mail Time

Cigar Snob Mail Time: Cigar Haul!

Midweek MAIL TIME y’all! Erik returned from a little family vacation and found a bunch of packages in his office so him and Jamy get ...
Crux Cigars

How Far Down Do You Smoke? + Casey Haugen (Crux Cigars) Interview

The guys weigh in on how far down you should smoke your cigar while enjoying the Crux Epicure Maduro down to the nub! They blind-taste ...

Crux Cigars’ Epicure Maduro Short Salomone Now Available

Crux Cigars is shipping the Epicure Maduro Short Salomone, the newest line of the Epicure Maduro brand. The 6 x 54 features a dark Mexican ...

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