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As Seen In the 2022 January / February Issue

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2022 January / February

Espinosa Las 6 Provincias – CMW

Vice President Espinosa Cigars: Erik Espinosa Jr. Unlike the majority of the Espinosa portfolio, which is directed by your father, Erik Espinosa, Las 6 Provincias ...
Romana Black
2022 January / February

Romana Black / Diesel Sunday Gravy

SAMBUCA LIQEUER 40% ABV WHY SAMBUCA? In 1851 Luigi Manzi created the recipe for a liqueur that would aid digestion and help relieve gas discomfort. ...
Miami Club
2022 January / February

Miami Club Cuban Coffee Rum Liqueur / La Aurora 115th Anniversary

COFFEE LIQUEUR 28% ABV MADE IN MIAMI Internationally the city of Miami is known for a lot of things; the nightlife, beaches, and people who ...
2022 January / February

Godiva Chocolate Liqueur / Southern Draw Rose of Sharon

CHOCOLATE LIQUEUR 15% ABV THE LEGEND OF LADY GODIVA Thank goodness they didn’t have mobile phones or Instagram stories in eleventh century England, otherwise the ...
2022 January / February

Comte Louis de Lauriston Calvados Domfrontais V.S.O.P. / AVO Syncro Caribe

Calvados 42% ABV CALVADOS Much like cognac, champagne, and bordeaux, calvados is a product and a region. The region of Calvados is located in Normandy ...
Reading the Tobacco Leaves
2022 January / February

Reading The Tobacco Leaves

Smoking sages weigh in on what’s in store for the new year. The coming year looks like this: a leveling off of demand, a tobacco ...
Grand Marnier
2022 January / February

Grand Marnier Cuvée Louis-Alexandre / Illusione ULTRA

Cognac and Orange Liqueur 40% ABV STROKE OF GENUIS Jean-Baptiste Lapostolle founded his humble distillery in Neauphle-le-Château just outside of Paris in 1827 with the ...
Exit One
2022 January / February

Exit One Taproom and Oliva Cigar

Exit One Taproom and Oliva Cigar teamed up for a special Saturday night blast at the South Florida venue that poured into the parking lot ...
2022 January / February

Creativas Toy Drive at The Biltmore

Creativas Group Public Relations and Branding hosted its 20th annual holiday toy drive at the Biltmore Hotel in Miami, drawing close to 600 guests, and ...
Oliva Cigars
2022 January / February

Oliva Cigars Night at Cuba Under The Stars

Oliva Cigar Company celebrated Fred Vandermarliere’s birthday at Cuba Under the Stars, which began before the show with a greeting glass of champagne and a ...

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