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ACE PRIME Adds Three Sizes to its Dreamer Line, Announces Wine Collaboration

Ace Prime is adding three sizes to its Luciano the Dreamer line, including a 5 x 48 Hermoso, a 6 ⅞ x 50 Toro de Lux and a 5.5 x 52 Belicoso. They are produced with an Ecuadorian habano corojo 99 wrapper,  Nicaraguan binder, and filler from Nicaragua and Peru.

The cigars will retail for $12, $12,50 and $12.95 respectively, and come in 15-count boxes at $180, $187.50 and $194.25.

The new line comes at the same time the brand is partnering with Spanish wine producer Mas Igneus which will produce The Dreamer wine, which will be released in Q1 2022, the same time as the new smokes. 

“Winemakers have been on an eternal search for the elusive ultra-pairing – where two separate elements create a new  experience, transcending their individual flavors,” Luciano Meirelles, President of ACE Prime Cigars, said in a press release. “

Priorat is a region that is known for producing powerful wines and having vineyards older than a hundred years. 

“This is truly special – a perfect artisan experience that brings the dream to life,” Ornella Valcke, owner of Mas Igneus, said in a statement. “Our  exclusive wine and The Dreamer cigar were made for each other.”

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