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The AIRROBO T10+, The Ash & Allergy Slayer

The newly released AIRROBO T10+ has been a godsend for our office. You can’t possibly imagine how many times visiting cigar smokers carelessly ash on our floors. It’s a constant problem and every time it happens we say, “Don’t worry, the cleaning lady comes in later today.” The reality is that the cleaning lady only comes once a week, so most of the time we are just lying to make the visitor feel better about what just happened. The other scenario is our MAILTIME videos where we receive packages from all over the world and people love to surprise us with stuff that either jumps out of the box or makes a mess with packing peanuts. You’ve probably heard us talking about our cleaning lady in the videos after a particularly messy unboxing.

The folks at AIRROBO were kind enough to send us a test unit of the AIRROBO T10+ prior to its release and it has impressed everyone at Cigar Snob HQ. For one, it is incredibly thorough and most of the time we operate it without using the app; on the way out of the office every night we simply press the button and let it do its thing. The following morning the floors are spotless, every corner of the office covered by the AIRROBO’s Lidar navigation and AI-driven algorithm. At the end of its run through our smoky headquarters, the AIRROBO docks at the charging station which doubles as a dirt disposal. The amazing part of it is that the station holds 45 days’ worth of cleaning in its disposal bag. Once full, the app notifies us to remove the bag and replace it with a new one. It is a breeze to operate this thing. Not only does it work on its own and with the app, but it also comes with a remote that allows you to direct the AIRROBO to a specific trouble spot.

Across the board life has gotten better at Cigar Snob HQ. Regardless of how many cigars were smoked the day before, the office smells clean every morning and our staff’s allergies have improved seemingly overnight. Like I said, the AIRROBO has been a godsend.

If you want to check out the AIRROBO for your man cave, visit and use the code: AIRROBO106.

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