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Procigar 2015 – Dominican Republic

Procigar 2015

It seems like every year, the Procigar festival can be counted on to bring attendees some new experience that makes the trip worthwhile. The 2015 festival saw two major additions to the event’s agenda: tours of Tabacalera Palma and La Aurora’s new Cigar World.

Tabacalera Palma was a member of Procigar last year, but this is the first year the factory — which has drawn a lot of attention lately for having manufactured successful cigars for Aging Room and Señorial — has offered tours to festival goers.

La Aurora, for its part, has opened a section of its Dominican facility called Cigar World. It’s a unique museum-style learning experience where visitors not only pick up knowledge walking through (for example, from tobacco on display at various stages of growth and fermentation), but can also take classes where they’ll learn from masters like Manuel Inoa, Benji Menéndez and Daniel Núñez.

Of course, Procigar wasn’t all educational. The event was packed with as much partying as any other year’s, including the much anticipated “white party” at the Monumento de Santiago, a poker tournament, beach day at Puerto Plata, and the usual blowout gala and auction to close things out.

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