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Will Perfect Pairings stay under CIGARS or changed to be under DRINK?

Casa Cuba Cigar City Brewing

Casa Cuba / Cigar City Brewing Humidor Series IPA

Back in the dark ages of Florida’s craft beer scene, the mid-2000s, while states like Colorado were knee-deep in excellent beer from the likes of …

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Archetype Brewing Archetype Axis Mundi

Archetype Axis Mundi / Archetype Brewing Fatal Reflection

As an internationally distributed publication, we’ve drawn the attention of numerous companies who send us their newest products for our gift guides and reviews. Aside …

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Smokey & The Bandit Cain Daytona

Cain Daytona / Smokey & The Bandit cocktail

During a recent visit to The Daytona Hotel in Daytona Beach, I spent a good amount of time at the hotel’s bar trying a number …

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cigar snob perfect pairing the tabernacle

The Tabernacle / Midnight in Jalisco cocktail

We wanted to bring something new to the Perfect Pairings for this Mexico issue, so we got in touch with Andi Cruzatti, the GM at The …

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Montecristo Espada Oscuro _ Rogue Rolling Thunder Imperial Stout 2019

Montecristo Espada Oscuro / Rogue Rolling Thunder Imperial Stout 2019

Aside from the fact that we have year-round great weather, live minutes away from the Florida Keys, and have access to a nearly limitess supply of Cuban …

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5 to Try


Aged Rums  Five aged rums from five different countries: one from Panama aged 21 years and matured in Bourbon casks, a solera-aged 25-year-old rum from …

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