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Dos Equis Invierno Winter Bock / BG Meyer Standard Issue

Perfect Pairings – Dos Equis Invierno Winter Bock & BG Meyer Standard Issue

Dos Equis Invierno

No matter how open-minded you are about beer, there are certain things that don’t immediately jive. For example, a Mexican Winter Bock… Although parts of Northern Mexico get temperatures ranging cold enough to warrant such a style of beer, too many years of Corona commercials have conditioned us to think of Mexican beer as a beach beer. Even the folks at Corona have noticed that they’ve pigeonholed themselves and have created new campaigns that shed the self -inflicted s tigma.

But while Corona was spinning their wheels trying to get off the beach, Dos Equis and Negra Modelo have been carrying the winter torch for Mexican beer. And this year Dos Equis has taken it to the next level with the release of the Dos Equis Invierno Winter Bock. Sold as part of the Beers of Mexico Winter Fiesta Pack, this Limited Edition Dos Equis is a Vienna style lager that just might change the way you look at Mexican beer. The beer pours with a clear, copper color and a thick, cream-colored head. The aroma is heavy on toasted malts and a touch of hops, just a touch. Like any Vienna style lager worth its malt (rimshot), it is malty and slightly sweet with a light, clean finish. Again, this is not the beer you think of when someone says, ‘Let’s get a Mexican beer!’ But seriously, if you’re hanging out with people who just blurt out things like that, look around because you may be in a mental institution.

The Pairing

BG Meyer Standard Issue

First off it needs to be stated that because this beer goes down super smooth and crisp, you will be hammered by the time you finish the cigar. While we tasted the pairings, it was not uncommon to go through six of these beers before we were halfway through the cigar. What works beautifully for the pairing is that the earthiness of the BG Meyer is almost nullified with every sip. The complexion of the cigar changes completely. The spice and wood are accented and a buttery caramel note appears out of nowhere. You could smoke and drink this pair all day. As mentioned earlier, prepare to get hammered.

Dos Equis Invierno Winter Bock
Brewed by Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma, S.A. de C.V. 
Style: Vienna Lagar
(12 fl. oz ABV: 5%)

BG Meyer By Camacho Standard Issue
Figurado (Belicoso)
(6.1″ x 54)
MRSP $190 (Box of 20)

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