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City: New York

Cigar Bar

SoHo Cigar Bar (Previously Circa Tabac)

Located in Soho, SoHo Cigar Bar prides itself on being one of the very few places in New York where you can find cigars, food and drink indoors. …

Cigar Shop

Papa Juan

Located in West Harlem, this relatively new neighborhood lounge has a growing cigar selection and a fun environment with one of the most welcoming groups of regulars we …

Cigar Bar

Lexington Bar and Books

There are three Bar and Books locations in New York, with two more in Prague and Warsaw. They are among the most unique places to smoke in …

Cigar Shop

OK Cigars

OK Cigars is one of the few “mom-and-pop” businesses left in its neighborhood, and the small shop has all the personality and character of its eclectic Soho surroundings. “One …

Cigar Shop

Davidoff of Geneva, 6th Avenue

Three blocks from Central Park, this shop has a storied history and will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in August 2014. The space recently underwent renovations (lighting, flooring, …

Cigar Bar

The Grand Havana Room

This is one of two members-only Grand Havana Rooms (the other’s in L.A.). The tremendous city view and comfy lounge area make this one of the baddest places …

Cigar Shop

Barclay Rex

Barclay Rex’s two locations serve both pipe and cigar smokers. With over a hundred years in the industry, few places have as much institutional knowledge. You’ll find all …

Cigar Shop

Midtown Cigars

Especially by New York City standards, this place is big. Huge. There’s no lounge, but if you’re looking for the best prices on the largest offering of …

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