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January 31, 2024

Xikar Vx2

Quality Importers Introduces G10 Crafted Versions of The Xikar Vx2 V-Cut Cigar Cutter

Quality Importers Trading Company is shipping new versions of the XIKAR VX2 cigar cutter crafted from G10, the toughest glass fiber resin laminate.The XIKAR VX2 ...
American Golden Band

Davidoff of Geneva USA announces the 2023 American Golden Band Award Winners

Davidoff of Geneva USA announces this year’s Tenth Annual American Golden Band Award Winners who best represent the Davidoff standard of excellence. The Golden Band ...
Puro Sabor Festival

Savor the Best Moments of Nicaragua’s Puro Sabor Festival 2024

The annual festival celebrating the Nicaraguan tobacco and cigar industry celebrated its 11th year with five days packed with events that guided guests through the ...
Palió Veneto

Quality Importers Presents the Palió Veneto, Quadruple Jet-Flame Desktop Lighter

Quality Importers Trading Company launches the Palió Veneto, a quadruple jet-flame desktop lighter featuring an elongated diamond flame, protective cap, textured body, and gunmetal accents. ...

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