0059 - Boveda's Rob Gagner and Jay Fifield on humidification tech and working with cigar makers

Rob and Jay from Boveda dropped by Cigar Snob HQ for a conversation about cigars, humidification and their sunburnt calves.

0058 - Bullfighting journalist Abraham Mahshie on Spain and ethical questions around the spectacle

If you're a subscriber to Cigar Snob Magazine, you've probably come across some of the work of journalist Abraham Mahshie. We had him write a story for us about the consumption of fighting bull meat in Spain, and then later an interview with bullfighter Morante de la Puebla.

While in Miami to see some family, Abraham stopped by our office to chat about his experiences in Spain and how he came to embed himself in the peculiar world of Spanish bullfighting.

0056 - Los Caídos Cigars' Steve Zengel on supporting families of fallen police and firefighters

Steve Zengel dropped by the office to talk about his cigar brand, Los Caídos (Spanish for "The Fallen"), and its mission to support the families of police officers and firefighters who have died in the line of duty.

We also talk about his working with Aganorsa, working as a white guy in the athletic program at an HBCU, and more.

0053 - Karl "The Mailman" Malone, from NBA legend to cigar man

 Karl Malone talks about his new cigar — Barrel-Aged by Karl Malone — with his daughter Kadee, who is co-owner of Legends Cigar and Vape in Ruston, Louisiana.

Karl Malone talks about his new cigar — Barrel-Aged by Karl Malone — with his daughter Kadee, who is co-owner of Legends Cigar and Vape in Ruston, Louisiana.

You know Karl Malone for his hall-of-fame career in the NBA, where he won 2 league MVP awards and cemented his place in basketball history as half of one of the greatest duos of all time — the other, of course, being John Stockton.

In retirement, though, he’s taken on other pursuits. He’s an outdoorsman, an entrepreneur, and a tobacconist. At this summer’s IPCPR trade show in Las Vegas, Karl also launched Barrel-Aged by Karl Malone, a cigar thats being made at La Aurora in the Dominican Republic. I had a chance to speak with him about life after basketball, his love of hunting, being an outspoken athlete, and the process he went through to have La Aurora make a cigar bearing his name.

0052 - Willy Herrera (Drew Estate master blender) and Jeff Borysiewicz (Corona Cigar, FSG)

At July’s IPCPR trade show in Las Vegas, senior editor Nicolás Jiménez had a chance to sit down with Drew Estate master blender Willy Herrera and Jeff Borysiewicz, owner of Orlando’s Corona Cigar as well as Florida Sun Grown, the Central Florida tobacco growing operation whose tobaccos have made their way into various premium cigars, including the eponymous FSG brand made by Drew Estate.

They talked about Willy’s blending process, what’s new in the Drew Estate portfolio, how the relationship between Drew Estate and FSG came together, and what it means to Jeff to produce premium cigar tobacco in his own backyard.

0051 - Jason Lois and the Cigar Smoking World Championship

Jason Lois will be competing for the title of Cigar Smoking World Champion in Croatia. Cigar Snob's Erik Calviño and Nicolás A. Jiménez spoke with Jason about what that even means, what the competition looks like, and how he's been training to reach the tippy top of the cigar smoking mountain.

0049 - Alan Rubin on Alec Bradley cigars, Glenfiddich Scotch pairings, Alec and Bradley's cigars

Alec Bradley is one a name loads of cigar smokers know well. But fewer know that there isn’t actually a guy named Alec Bradley behind the brand. The name refers to two brothers — Alec and Bradley — who are the sons of the company’s founder Alan Rubin.

While the name might not have referred to anyone in the cigar business at first, that’s starting to change. Our publisher Erik Calviño sat down with Alan Rubin to talk about his company, what’s new in the Alec Bradley portfolio, and the cigar project that the now-adult Alec and Bradley have taken on.

0047 - Oscar Valladares on his cigars, Cicerón Edition and telling Honduran stories

Sometimes it can seem like any mention of “Central American” cigars is necessarily a reference to Nicaragua. Most of the region’s noteworthy factories are in Estelí. There are great cigars coming out of other countries in the region, though, and one of the hottest protagonists of Honduran cigars is Oscar Valladares.

His name recognition in the U.S. got a major bump from Leaf by Oscar, and he's now putting out consistently excellent cigars and some of the most inventive packaging of any boutique brand.

Senior editor Nicolás Jiménez sat with Oscar at last month’s IPCPR trade show to talk about his latest releases, the artist behind the design of some of his new packaging, and what it's like to helm a company that is decidedly Honduran.