0067 - Fred Vandermarliere of J. Cortès on family tradition, Belgian cigars, and Oliva Cigar

J. Cortès CEO Fred Vandermarliere represents the third generation to helm his family's Belgian cigar company. In this interview, we talk about his family's approach to machine-made cigars, their motivation for acquiring Oliva Cigars, and where there's overlap between the cultures of the two brands.

0066 - Top 25 Cigars of 2018, including Cigar of the Year: Sin Compromiso

The Cigar Snob list of the Top 25 Cigars of 2018 is live. We gathered around the mics to run through the rankings and jibber jabber about some of the smokes that made the cut.

0065 - Jochy Blanco of Tabacalera Palma on La Galera Cigars, Dominican beaches and sausages

On this episode, we’re bringing you a conversation that Cigar Snob publisher Erik Calviño and senior editor Nicolás Jiménez had with Jochy Blanco of Tabacalera Palma when he stopped by our office on a recent visit to Miami. Tabacalera Palma has been around a long time, but it was only more recently that the company made a hard push marketing its own brands, like La Galera. We talked about the company’s history, Jochy’s approach to blending, and what it’s been like for him to get to know a side of the cigar business he hadn’t dealt with very much early on.

0064 - Smoking El Güegüense by Foundation Cigars, ASMR, the Nerd Fart Bowl, and more

The team smokes El Güegüense cigars, lightly scratches their Güegüenses, talks Bowl Game names, ASMR, and Patreon speech codes.

0063 - The S.T. Dupont LeGrand lighter — soft and jet flame all in one

Whether at your local cigar shop, in social media, or in the hands of your gadget-obsessed friends, it’s likely that you comes across a lot of cigar accessories. There’s always some new shape of ashtray, finish of humidor or guillotine mechanism out there to try out — but rarely are those new features much more than cosmetic or novelties that stop just short of being truly innovative.

Every once in a while, though, a game changing tool comes along. One such tool is the S.T. Dupont Le Grand lighter. In a nutshell, the lighter seamlessly marries soft and jet flame in a way that’s as beautiful as it is practical.

To get the details, we spoke recently with Jennifer Loria, the S.T. Dupont brand manager at Davidoff, which has sole distribution in the U.S. market.

0062 - Sindicato Particulares cigars, Kevin Hart, Miami Dolphins Miracle, smoking in Phoenix

The gang is back at the mics to smoke Particulares, a cigar made for Sindicato by Aganorsa, and talk about Kevin Hart, traveling to Pheonix, and the Miami Dolphins' win over the New England Patriots.

0061 - Herrera Esteli Maduro cigars, Tiger v Phil, North Sentinel Island, Christmas tree shortage

The team smokes Herrera Estelí Maduro cigars by Drew Estate, recaps our recent Cigar Snob Lechón Challenge, plots escape from North Sentinel Island, and remembers Thanksgiving diners past.

0060 - Brian Chinnock on Chinnock Cellars Cigars, wine and Napa Valley

Brian Chinnock of Chinnock Cellars (and Chinnock Cellars Cigars) stopped by the office to talk about wine, cigars, Napa Valley, how he got his start in a Texas laboratory, and how his friendship with Carlito Fuente and a layover in Miami played a role his his catching the cigar bug.