NFL legend Ed Reed on being a Hurricane, Super Bowl victory, and his love for cigars

Cigar Snob's Nicolás Jiménez and Ivan Ocampo headed to Miami Beach's Casablanca Cigar Lounge to hang with Ed Reed, who spent his college and NFL careers building a strong case that he’s the best safety who ever played football. Through all the ups and downs along the way, Ed has maintained one critical ritual: cigars.

Photo: Natalia Aguilera

0083 - Danny Ditkowich of La Sirena Cigars on the brand's story and the new Aniversario Especial

Danny Ditkowich dropped by Cigar Snob HQ to share some cigars and step up to the mic for an interview about the history of La Sirena Cigars, his own path into the cigar industry, and a new product that celebrates La Sirena founder (and Danny's daughter) Arielle Ditkowich's 10th year in the business.

0082 - AVO Syncro Nicaragua Fogata cigars from the vault, pairing cigars and rum

The team reaches into the vault for some old Avos and talks about rum, pairing cigars with rum, Game of Thrones, and all that's new in the latest issue of Cigar Snob Magazine.

0081 - Trinidad Espiritu cigars, Shark Attacks, Mountain on Fire, actress Marcela Paguaga

Nick recaps his trip to New Orleans, Erik talks about the Rocky-Patel-sponsored Mountain on Fire cigar event he attended in Austria, Ivan breaks down the old-Havana-inspired shoot that's coming in the next issue of the magazine.

PLUS, a bonus mini-interview with actress Marcela Paguaga, who is a cast member in The Amparo Experience (and is also the granddaughter of the late Gilberto Oliva, Sr.).

0080 - Smoking some old Ezra Zion cigars, March Madness, The Amparo Experience, Fortnite

The team reaches into the Cigar Snob vault for some old Ezra Zion Jamais Vu cigars, then talks Fornite, Bacardi, "The Real Havana Club," immersive rum history theater, and more.

0079 - Smoking Balmoral Serie Signaturas Dueto cigars, talking sous vide, Donald Trump, Chris Bosh

The Cigar Snob team gathers round to talk about the latest issue of the magazine, Donald Trump's "No Collusion Day," Chris Bosh's Miami Heat jersey retirement, March Madness, sous vide cooking, intelligent design, and all sorts of other stuff. All the while, we're smoking Balmoral Serie Signaturas Dueto cigars.

0078 - Glynn Loope, excitive director of Cigar Rights of America on the FDA and local smoking bans

Cigar Rights of America executive director Glynn Loope dropped by for a chat about federal regulation of premium cigars, state and municipal smoking bans, and the work that CRA does to engage smokers, tobacconists, cigar makers and government officials in preserving your legal right to enjoy cigars.

0077 - Mombacho Cigars master blender Claudio Sgroi on cigar making and having a factory in Granada

Mombacho Cigars is one of the few Nicaraguan cigar manufacturers with a destination factory that's not located in Estelí. The historic building the company calls home is in Granada, Nicaragua, where tons of tourists happen upon Mombacho's story and subsequently (at least we all hope) fall in love with the craft of cigar making.

The company's not just a tourist destination, though. They're making serious cigars, including the Mombacho Liga Maestro, which Cigar Snob called the No. 12 cigar of 2018. Mombacho master blender Claudio Sgroi dropped by our office with cigars and doughnuts for a chat.