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Five great gifts to get dad this Father's Day

Every dad is different, but it’s been our experience that most of your fathers have three interests in common: smoking, eating and drinking. With that in mind, we found a few gifts that should be instant hits. Hell, you’ll probably want them for yourself, too.

Brizard and Co. Zebrawood cigar accessories

  • The “Deck” Ashtray Oval (double): $120
  • The “Elite” Cigar Cutter: $115
  • The Cylinder Desk Humidor: $199
  • The “Show Band” 3 cigar case: $145

This company has been making beautiful cigar accoutrements for a long time. When we saw this zebrawood nish, we knew we had to let people know about it. It’s bright and eye-catching enough for ashier guys, yet understated and elegant enough not to embarrass your dad if he’s on the conservative side.


Coravin Model Eight Wine System


What if you could pour your wine without ever opening the bottle? This gadget pumps argon gas (which won’t oxidize your wine) into your bottle, pumping the wine back out through a hypodermic needle. When you pull the needle out, the cork seals itself, so you can come back to that bottle weeks, even months later and still enjoy it.


GoSun Sport

No fuel. No electricity. Just the sun being reflected into a glass tube and heating up the inside enough to cook just about any meal. It’s perfect for your outdoorsman dad. Sound too good to be true? We tested the sport model and became instant believers.


Vinturi Red Wine Aerator


Pour your wine through this thing, and your wine goes into the glass instantly aerated, bringing you better bouquet, flavors and finish. It’ll also minimize sediment and — if you were sloppy with the bottle opener — cork in your glass.


Thermopro TP-08 Wireless Thermometer

Leave the thermometer in your meat and monitor the temperature from up to 300 feet away. This will make Dad the ultimate multitasking grillmaster.

Les Fines Lames: crowdfunding a cigar knife

Image: Les Fines Lames

Image: Les Fines Lames

A while back, we were contacted by the guys behind Les Fines Lames about the piedmont-style folding knives they were making in France. The kicker: there's a hole in the handle that allows the knife to double as a cigar cutter. Once a sample unit arrived in the mail from France, we began to put it through its paces at Cigar Snob. I even carried the knife around for a couple of weeks to get a sense for just how practical a tool this would be.

It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you get the hang of this thing, you'll find that it cuts cigars as cleanly as many other cutters on the market. When it comes to other uses, the knife works well, but you should know that there is no locking mechanism here (which is typical for piedmont knives), so you'll want to be extra careful about how you hold and wield the knife. This isn't the tool you want to use if you're, for instance, cutting open lots of boxes in an absent-minded rush.

It's great to have a knife that's designed to cut cigars handy. What really sets this knife apart, though, is that it's a unique piece that will start conversations. It's a handcrafted, luxury item for smokers with tastes that favor rustic, old-world charm rather than bright shiny finishes or sleek, modern design.

As of this posting, there are two days left on the French start-up's Indiegogo campaign. They're halfway to their goal of raising $44,000, with which they'll start regular production of the knives. Les Fines Lames tells us that the knives will retail for $520, but making a contribution of $410 through the Indiegogo page will get you a knife. Not a bad discount.

Visit Les Fines Lames' Indiegogo campaign page to learn more about this knife and to get your own (while there's still time).

Fuente Fuente OpusX 20th anniversary collection by S.T. Dupont


S.T. Dupont, maker of some of the finest cigar accessories on the market, released a line of products celebrating the 20th anniversary of one of the finest cigars on the market: Fuente Fuente OpusX. At the recent IPCPR trade show in New Orleans, we spoke with Michael Reynolds of S.T. Dupont and Manny Iriarte, who with the two luxury brands to design the collection.


Humidif travel humidors and ashtray


Humidif travel humidors and ashtray 

Your cigars should travel in style, even if you don’t. The Cinder ashtray, Travel5 and Travel10 humidors (which have capacities of 5 and 10 cigars, respectively) 


Screwpop Cigar Punch 2.0


Screwpop Cigar Punch 2.0 

When the Perfect Pairing comes along, will you be ready? Open your beers and punch your cigars with the same handy tool. 


Cigar Oasis ULTRA 2.0 and WiFi Attachment


Cigar Oasis ULTRA 2.0 and WiFi Attachment 
$119.00 (WiFi attachment $79.00) 

Keep the conditions in your desktop humidor perfect while using the WiFi attachment to track read the hygrometer and get alerts no matter where you are.