Siglo de Passion

Arturo Fuente Destino Al Siglo Gran Aniverxario


Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Dominican Republic
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic, United State, & Nicaragua
Price: $23.22  - $26.58

Available in 4 sizes:
Siglo de Familia (Grand Corona) - 6 1.2" X 46
Siglo de Passion (Churchill) - 6 3/4" X49 [pictured]
Siglo de Amistad (Robusto) - 5 1/2" X 50
Siglo de Amor (Perfecto)- 5 1/4" X50


Carlos Fuente, Jr.
President of Arturo Fuente Cigar Company

Would you share with us the story behind the making of the Don Arturo Destino al siglo?

I never in my life thought that I would live to see the 100th anniversary of our company. Not because of my age, but because you just don’t think of those things. You think about the day-to-day and surviving and that kind of stuff. But one night, a little more than 10 years before the 100th anniversary, it hit me. I had the idea that I wanted to do something special for it using a Chateau de la Fuente Sun Grown wrapper. I wanted to come out with a cigar called Destino al Siglo, which meant destiny to a century or destined to reach the century.

The idea was that, on the 90th anniversary, I would come out with a box with 90 candle-shaped tubes. I even designed the tubes so it was going to be like a birthday cake with 90 tubes of these cigars instead of candles. And every year leading up to the 100th we would come out with the next box so that one would have 91 tubes, then 92 tubes, and so on till y ou get to the century, hence destiny to the century. So I got the tobaccos and we started making cigars little by little for 2 years leading up to the 90th anniversary (2002). By the time the 90th rolled around we were so busy that we just could not do it. Those cigars ended up being the original Destino al Siglo 13, a cigar that we now give away at events for Cigar Family Charitable Foundation.

So at this point in the chronology you’ve missed the 90th but the 100th anniversary is the focus. so what were your plans at this point?

What I envisioned was that for the 100th anniversary I would celebrate my grandfather’s life and our history with a cigar with 4 different tobaccos. Dominican tobacco, a hint of tobacco from Nicaragua, a hint of tobacco from the United States, and Cuban tobacco. Back then I thought that by the year 2012 Cuban tobacco was going to be available to manufacturers and that would close the circle. It would be the culmination of the origins, the places, and the history where my family has made cigars. And I had tobacco saved that was 35 to 40 years old and it’s hard to say this because people say all kinds of stuff but plenty of people got to go there and see the tobacco. I was saving it for the 100th anniversary. We were going to have a big party in Tampa and invite the world and it was going to be a huge thing. Well, before the 100th anniversary, as you know we had the fires in 2011 that burned down two of our buildings and I lost ALL of that tobacco. Gone.

Well instead of coming out with another cigar, we just said let’s wait. Things happen in life and it just makes us stronger. I had the example of my dad and my grandfather who overcame hardships of their own. Don’t get me wrong; it was very, very painful to see it go up in smoke. But sometimes things happen for a reason and you get inspiration from it. For example, the Angel’s Share was a project that was inspired by the fire.

We started seeing the Destino al siglo Gran AniverXario arrive in stores in late 2013. What does the final product represent for you?

The cigar represents the Fuente story, the heritage, the love for the family and friends, the love for our supporters, our neighbors, it represents everybody. That’s what I tried to compose. That’s why even the sizes are Siglo de Amistad (Century of Friendship),

Siglo de Passion (Century of Passion), Siglo de Amor (Century of Love), and Siglo de Familia (Century of Family). It’s a special cigar with a special meaning. There are a lot of symbols and messages all over the label. Even the color is significant – why blue?Because my grandfather’s original label, the one that I remember when I was a little boy, had the shield with AF the same as we have today, but instead of being red it was blue. It was that [shade of] blue. I was the one who changed the shield to red, probably back in the late 70s. So I thought it would be appropriate to go back to my grandfather’s original color for this label.