Nub Connecticut


Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Price: $6.00  - $7.50

Available in 4 sizes:
354 - 3 3/4" X 54 (Natural Rothschild),
358 -
3 3/4" X 58 (Natural Robusto)
460 - 4 X60 (Natural Rothschild) [pictured]
464T - 4" X 64 (Torpedo)


Cory Bappert
VP of Sales, 
Oliva Cigar Co.

Who is currently handling the product development for the Nub line and is there anything new in the pipeline for the brand?

There’s always been a collective effort within the company to expand and experiment with new lines, but we find that the Nub blends have become such a popular choice for so many smokers that we’ve chosen to maintain that high level of quality and consistency rather than try and stray too far from what works. That said, we may surprise smokers with a limited release or two very soon, so keep your eyes open.

The Nub brand has grown significantly year after year. Do you find that there is a particular segment of cigar smokers that gravitate more to the Nub than others?

You know, there is really no individual segment of the market that smokes Nub; they all smoke Nub. We’ve seen that our customers come from all ages (obviously referring only to adults), backgrounds, and smoking styles. Nub has transcended the consumer base and there’s something in the Nub portfolio for smokers of every preference from the Connecticut on down.

Much has been said and written about just how much tobacco goes into each Nub cigar; can you give us a tangible example that smokers can easily relate to?

I can tell you that there’s as much tobacco in a 4 x 66 Nub as there is in an 8 x 52 cigar. It’s certainly enough tobacco to satisfy just about every type of smoker out there.

That’s an incredible amount of tobacco for such a short cigar! No wonder they don’t burn as fast as newbies expect.

Because it is such a different cigar and perhaps requires certain skills and proficiencies on the part of the buncher and roller, is the manufacture of Nub Cigars handled any differently than other products made at the Oliva Cigar Factory?

Without a doubt. From a bunching and rolling standpoint, it takes dedicated rollers that have been trained and have experience in the Nub format to make them, but in terms of the raw material that goes into Nub and the quality control processes that we have at the Oliva Cigar Factory, they are treated with the same high level of scrutiny as all premium cigars made at our factory. But to come back to your question, Nub has it’s own dedicated rolling room in the factory and the rollers in there are very adept at working with the Nub format — and still we can never make enough. In fact, due to the ever-increasing demand, we’ve recently had to expand into the new Oliva factory in downtown Estelí. Among other Oliva products, the new factory rolls the Nub Connecticut, Nub’s most popular blend.

The Nub Connecticut is easily one of the most flavorful Connecticut Shade cigars on the market today. So while it is not surprising that it is the most popular Nub, what do you attribute it’s popularity to?

Well you said it, it is an incredibly flavorful and wellbalanced cigar, forget that it’s a Nub. Consumers opt for the Nub Connecticut when they are looking for a Connecticut Shade cigar that gives them that creamy vanilla and oak profile with amped-up flavor.

That’s interesting; internally we joked about wanting to eat it because it smells so good in the pre-light.

We say the same thing!