Beverly Hills

Grand Havana Room


Luxury rules at this members-only club, and the attention to detail is remarkable. The leather, fabric and wood that make up the comfortable surroundings make this every smoker’s ideal high-end haven. The liquor choices seem limitless as well, as are their prices. The humidor is an expansive glass enclosure, and the nameplates on the lockers read like a list of Hollywood’s “who’s who.” We met up with Daniel Marshall, whose name you recognize from his acclaimed humidors and cigars (especially that Gold Cigar!). We highly recommended Grand Havana’s delicious spicy tuna tartare

Grand Havana Room

301 N Canon Dr (Beverly Hills)


Buena Vista Cigar Club & Lounge


As would be expected from its Beverly Hills location, this is one of the nicest cigar lounges in the city. It’s crisply clean and styled with a perfect balance of tobacco décor and high-class furnishings. Expect a full-service experience from the moment you’re handed an iPad to choose from the numerous scotches and sipping rums available. You’ll find steeper prices all around, but you’ll understand why when you see only top quality cigar accoutrements within reach. The vibe stays refined at all times, and you’ll often rub shoulders with some of L.A.’s upper crust. Do yourself a favor and visit this classy spot for a single malt or craft beer, and of course, an ultra premium smoke.

Buena Vista Cigar CluB & lounge

9715 Santa Monica Blvd. (Beverly Hills)