0076 - Smoking Cornelius & Anthony cigars, Dominican ProCigar festival, baseball spring training

Our publisher Erik caught some spring training baseball, Jamilet is back from the Dominican Republic's ProCigar festival, and Nick just returned from a trip to Seattle with our art director Andy. We recap all that travel while smoking Cornelius by Cornelius and Anthony.

In addition, we imagine a cigar-industry spin on the Jussie Smollett assault scheme, review the Oscars, update you on the latest FDA cigar regulation news, and remind you of the differences between apes and monkeys.

0073 - Mombacho Liga Maestro cigars, Matt Kuchar, Preparation H medicated wipes

The team gathers around the mics to smoke Mombacho Liga Maestro cigars, which were on our list of the Top 25 Cigars of 2018.

We also talk about Matt Kuchar and his caddy, Dwyane Wade's Last Dance, the Dominican Republic's ProCigar Festival, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ivan's favorite new medicated wipes.

0017 - Rocky Patel San Andreas, Dominican cigar festival, and the Cigar Snob citizenship test

We mark Rocky Patel's birthday with some Vintage 2006 San Andreas, look back on ProCigar 2018, and administer our very own citizenship test to our art director Andy "El Yuma" Astencio. What is a mullet? Who is "The Duke"? What is a Grand Slam?

Join us as we smoke great cigars, talk the hottest new social media company, and stumble through our ridiculous high-stakes game show.

0013 - Super Bowl recap over a Joya de Nicaragua Antaño Gran Reserva

The Cigar Snob team shoots the breeze, talking about the Super Bowl (spoiler alert: the Philapdelphia Geegles won the day), movies (spoiler alert: there's freaky fish sex in The Shape of Water) and travel to Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic (spoiler alert: there are cigars).

We also get into some Joya de Nicaragua Antaño Gran Reservas and talk about how hard various cigars kick you in the nuts.