New Orleans

0082 - AVO Syncro Nicaragua Fogata cigars from the vault, pairing cigars and rum

The team reaches into the vault for some old Avos and talks about rum, pairing cigars with rum, Game of Thrones, and all that's new in the latest issue of Cigar Snob Magazine.

0081 - Trinidad Espiritu cigars, Shark Attacks, Mountain on Fire, actress Marcela Paguaga

Nick recaps his trip to New Orleans, Erik talks about the Rocky-Patel-sponsored Mountain on Fire cigar event he attended in Austria, Ivan breaks down the old-Havana-inspired shoot that's coming in the next issue of the magazine.

PLUS, a bonus mini-interview with actress Marcela Paguaga, who is a cast member in The Amparo Experience (and is also the granddaughter of the late Gilberto Oliva, Sr.).