Central America

0039 - Debonaire Daybreak cigars, First Annual Cigar Snob Podcast Hot Dog Eating Contest

The Cigar Snob Team races to eat not one, not two, but THREE hot dogs while smoking Debonaire Daybreak cigars in the ultimate contest of refinement and patriotic gluttony.

We also discuss World Cup soccer, SweatCoin, Lebron James, and a whole lot more.

0037 - Smoking Viaje Exclusivo Nicaragua, remembering Koko the gorilla, great forgotten movies

In this episode, the team smokes Viaje Exclusivo Nicaragua cigars and discusses the World Cup, Koko the Gorilla, Trump's immigration policy, continued unrest in Nicaragua, and some of the latest news coming out of the cigar industry.

0035 - Smoking Vegas Cubanas by Don Pepín, Ovechkin's not gonna be suck, World Cup prognostication

In this packed episode of the podcast, the Cigar Snob Team smokes Vegas Cubanas by Don Pepín García (except Nick, who still has a cold) and talks about Nicaragua, North Korea, Donald Trump, Alex Ovechkin, the World Cup, snorkel masks, and a whole lot more.

One thing's for sure: this episode's not gonna be fuckin' suck!

0033 - Smoking (and giving away) Humo Jaguar from 2011, remembering Anthony Bourdain

We reached into the Vault for Humo Jaguar cigars by Plasencia, which were distributed only briefly back in 2011.

We also remember Anthony Bourdain the day the world learned of the chef's suicide.

All that — plus UFC 225, Yoel Romero, the Camel Clutch, and why you shouldn't watch The Handmaid's Tale — on this episode of the podcast.

Listen to the episode for information on how you can win a box of Humo Jaguar cigars from 2011 like the ones we smoked on this podcast!

0032 - 601 La Bomba Warhead II cigars, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup, Trumpy Bear

Need a friend who can join you for motorcycle rides and improve your golf game? Stick around to the end of the podcast for more information on Trumpy Bear!

In the meantime, you'll hear us smoking 601 La Bomba Warhead II, recapping game 1 of the NBA Finals, and going over some of our favorite YouTube tutorials.

Mentioned in this episode:

0030 - Bellas Artes by AJ Fernandez, visiting Guatemala, Little Pink House, and NFL kneeling ban

The team smokes Bellas Artes by AJ Fernandez while talking about Guatemalan shamans, the NFL's kneeling ban, and a soothing composition Ivan uses to fall asleep called "The Salty Chino." All this and more on the latest episode of the podcast.