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Quesada Cigars to debut redesigned Fonseca brand in New York City

Quesada Cigars announced a design overhaul for its Fonseca Classic premium line earlier this year; now the company has completed a redesign of the entire Fonseca line.

That line includes five blends: Fonseca Classic, Fonseca Vintage, Fonseca Cubano Exclusivo, Fonseca Cubano Limitado and Fonseca Nicaragua (which Quesada listed in that order in a recent press release, noting that they’d put them in order of increasing “intensity.”

“With Fonseca we have managed to offer cigar enthusiasts all types of smokes in one brand. From a medium but flavorful smoke such as the Fonseca Classic to a more intense and full-bodied smoke in the Fonseca Nicaragua. Now was the time to redesign the brand, and we have managed to do so with something that cannot be missed, a solid red lid with the iconic Fonseca Logo on it” Quesada Cigars president Manuel “Manolo” Quesada in a press release.

Updates to the line’s packaging design include a return to the original 1974 band for all the blends and a secondary band to identify each blend.

[image courtesy of Quesada Cigars]

[image courtesy of Quesada Cigars]

Further, the Fonseca Cubano Exclusivo will no longer be box pressed, although the blend will incorporate all the same tobaccos.

Quesada will be celebrating these changes with a launch event Nov. 28 at the Nat Sherman Townhouse in New York City, after which point the updates packaging and round Cubano Exclusivos will be available throughout the United States.