J. Cortès

Oliva Cigar Co. acquired by Belgian company J. Cortès

J. Cortès, a Belgian cigar manufacturer, announced in a press release that it had acquired Oliva Cigar, in an effort to diversify its product portfolio and further establish its position in the worldwide market.

The Vandermarliere family — which runs J. Cortès — has been in the cigar business since 1926. The Olivas have been in tobacco since 1866. Together the two clans bring generations of expertise in machine-made and hand-made cigars.

“Where J. Cortès is mainly active in Europe, Oliva plays an important role in the American market. What they do have in common? Strong family ties and the way these businesses are being run: with passion, craftsmanship and humility,” reads the release.

The deal is effective immediately.

Read the full press release here.

To learn more about the acquisition and the two companies, take a look at this video from J. Cortès.