Camacho announces Powerband and Camacho Master-Built Road Tour

Image: Davidoff of Geneva USA

Image: Davidoff of Geneva USA

Camacho Powerband is the latest cigar to be added to the brand’s Master-Built Series lineup. It’s “inspired by the power, performance and acceleration associated with a classic V-twin engine,” according to a press release.

The distinguishing characteristic of this cigar appears to be in the filler; strong tobaccos (including three different ligeros) are amplified by Camacho’s “proprietary Powerband bunching process that maximizes airflow for peak performance.” We don’t know what exactly that means, but we’re looking forward to trying the cigar out and perhaps even cutting one open to see if we can’t decipher it all.

There’s a lot happening in this blend. The cigar is made with two Corojo ligeros (one from Estelí, Nicaragua and the other from Honduras), and Dominican San Vicente ligero. In addition, the filler includes Piloto Cubano and San Vicente viso tobaccos. It’s all completed with a San Andrés binder and an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper.

Camacho Powerband will ship in the U.S. June 13 and will be available overseas nearly a year later in May 2017. Retail pricing is set at $11 to $13 per cigar. The new brand will be made in three vitolas: Robusto (5 x 50), Toro (6 x 50) and Gordo (6 x 60).

A full nationwide promotional tour will start at Davidoff of Geneva Since 1911 Tampa on June 10, 2016 and makes tops at tobacconists in several dozen states through the end of the year.


Camacho ABA coming in three new figurado vitolas

Camacho announced the first expansion of its American Barrel-Aged (ABA) line. The cigar, which features Connecticut & Pennsylvania Broadleaf tobaccos as well as the brand’s Original Corojo aged in bourbon barrels, will be available in three new formats.

Image: Davidoff of Geneva USA

Image: Davidoff of Geneva USA

All three new formats will be figurados: Torpedo Corto (4 ½ x 52), Perfecto Gordo (5 15/16 x 54 x 50), and Torpedo Largo (7 x 54 x 36). According to a press release issued by Davidoff, the Torpedo Corto is the most intense of the three, showcasing the power Broadleaf, while the Perfecto Gordo puts more of the focus on the blend’s barrel-aged tobacco.

The three new ABA formats will be available only in a 3-count assortment (priced at $39.99), which will begin shipping in April 2016.



PINELLAS PARK, FL (Thursday, April, 30th 2015) –– Camacho, the worlds leading brand of bold cigars, is proud to announce the first release under it’s new Master Built Series, Camacho American Barrel-Aged. A complex and intense new cigar experience inspired by the uncompromising American spirit, with bourbon barrel-aged Corojo at its heart.

American Barrel-Aged is a monumental smoke that welds the essence of true frontier mettle to Camacho’s impenetrable Cuban roots. An experience that shatters all expectations, pushes every limit and paves the way for a life lived out loud.

With the spirit of America and the soul of a craftsman, Camacho American Barrel-Aged celebrates the hardworking grit of Kentucky bourbon makers and the passionate artistry of our master builders. Challenging convention at every turn. Working together to forge an intense smoking experience unlike anything else. A process that begins with the original Corojo plant, aging its legendary leaves for six years and then locking them in charred Kentucky bourbon barrels.

Wrapped in five-year-old American broadleaf, each cigar delivers a richness and complexity characterized by oaky flavors and sweet bourbon aromas. American Barrel-Aged is truly the embodiment of uncompromising craftsmanship. Born from the inexhaustible spirit that has inspired Camacho from day one.

“American Barrel-Aged is something we have been working on for some time and we are very excited to finally share it with aficionados now in the US and across global markets in the near future. This project marks the first time a Camacho core line has been made outside of Honduras and we are extremely proud of what our master builders in the Dominican Republic have brought to life. Barrel aging is a very tedious and hands-on process. We are aging around 2,000 lbs of Corojo filler tobacco and rotating the barrels one leaf at a time every few weeks. Each batch takes a full five months to complete and requires constant attention to ensure the proper journey for this special tobacco,” said Dylan Austin, Director of Marketing for Davidoff of Geneva USA.

The blend is constructed almost entirely of American grown tobacco including a broadleaf wrapper, binder and filler, along with a maduro filler tobacco from Pennsylvania. One leaf of the six-year-old, bourbon barrel-aged Corojo tobacco was added to the recipe and is the main component that amplifies the complexity of the blend.

To intensify the launch of American Barrel-Aged, a full nationwide road tour is in the works and will kickoff with a weeklong extravaganza at Corona Cigar in Orlando starting on June 8th. Each of the American Barrel-Aged launch events will span across three days and are limited to a group of twenty-five hand selected retailers. The grand finale event will be held at Tampa Humidor in Tampa, FL on December 19th where the tour will come to a close.

American Barrel-Aged will begin shipping nationwide on Monday, June 15th and retails for $10 - $12 per cigar.

Camacho American Barrel-Aged Road
Tour Dates & Locations

Jun 8 – 13  Corona Cigar Co.  (Orlando, FL)

Jun 18 – 20  Prime Cigar (Boca Raton, FL)

Jun 25 – 27  Emerson’s (Virginia Beach, VA)

Jul 1 – 3  Cigar Realm (Ashland, VA)

Jul 9 – 11  Tinderbox Waldorf (Waldorf, MD)

Jul 30 – Aug 1  Humidour Cigar Shoppe (Cockeysville, MD

Aug 6 – 8  TBD (TBD)

Aug 13 – 15  Two Guys Smoke Shop (Nashua, NH)

Aug 20 – 22  Cup of Joes (Queensbury, NY)

Aug 27 – 29  TBD (TBD)

Sept 3 – 5  Blend Bar  (Indianapolis, IN)

Sept 9 – 11  Just For Him (Springfield, MO)

Sept 17 – 19  Outlaw Cigar Co (Overland Park, KS)

Sept 23 – 25  Addison Cigar  (Addison, TX)

Oct 1 – 3  Club Humidor  (San Antonio, TX)

Oct 8 – 10  Heroes & Legacies  (Austin, TX)

Oct 15 – 17  Serious Cigar  (Houston, TX)

Oct 22 – 24  Cigar Shop Biloxi  (Biloxi, MS)

Oct 29 – 31  Franklin Cigar (Franklin, TN)

Nov 5 – 7  Cigars & More  (Birmingham, AL)

Nov 12 – 14  Havana Phil’s  (Greensboro, NC)

Nov 19 – 21  Ansteads Tobacco  (Fayetteville, NC)

Dec 3 – 5   5 Point Bottle Shop  (Athens, GA)

Dec 10 – 12  Smoke Inn  (Boynton Beach, FL)

Dec 17 – 19  Tampa Humidor **Grand Finale**  (Tampa, FL)

About Camacho Cigars:

Camacho is the world’s leading brand of bold cigars, representing the concept of unleashing unmistakable and intense experiences. Infamous since 1962, the brand has become a sanctuary for the powerful, elemental being who seeks to fill their lives with unapologetic good times. A combination of rich heritage, product excellence and a never surrender attitude has enabled Camacho to grow into an aggressive brand globally recognized as the standard of full-frontal flavor and full-frontal lifestyle.

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Media Contact:

Dylan Austin
Davidoff of Geneva USA
Director of Marketing


Camacho announces two Corojo extensions and “The Original Bold Smoke” campaign

Press release issued by Davidoff of Geneva USA

Press release issued by Davidoff of Geneva USA


– Two new line extensions added to flagship Corojo line –

PINELLAS PARK, FL (JANUARY, 21 2015) –– Camacho, the worlds leading brand of bold cigars, is returning focus to its flagship Corojo line under a new campaign called “The Original Bold Smoke”, which officially kicks off on February 1st. Over the years, Camacho Corojo has been honored by industry publications with dozens of 90+ ratings, including numerous “Top 25” acknowledgments, since its launch back in June 2000.

Two new line extensions will accompany the launch of “The Original Bold Smoke” campaign, which are set to ship nationwide throughout the month of January. The new Corojo Gordo (60 x 6), the most popular format and bestseller under the Camacho brand, began shipping on January 15th and the new Corojo Robusto Tubo 20’s, which will begin making their way to stores on January 27th.

To coincide with the launch of these new formats, Camacho is running a nationwide promotion for Corojo, which will be available at hand-selected retailers, both on and offline. From February 1st until April 30th, any aficionado who purchases a box of Camacho branded cigars at a participating retailer will receive a taster pack of four 90-rated Corojo robusto cigars.

“Original Corojo sits at the heart of everything we build under the Camacho brand. It is a core component that roots our brand back to its storied Cuban heritage and what gives our cigars the unique intensity that aficionados across the globe have come to love. Many industry experts have compared our Camacho Corojo to the legendary cigars of Cuba’s heyday,” said Dylan Austin, director of marketing for Camacho.

Camacho will also be hosting 35 in-store events and over 70 consumer education seminars across the country, all centered on the legendary Corojo story.

Original Corojo: From Cuba to Camacho

Original Corojo has had quite the fabled past. First developed in the 1930’s and 1940’s at the famed “El Corojo” farm by Diego Rodriguez, the Corojo seed came to be while looking to improve the quality of Criollo crops. He did so by crossing Criollo with a strain from Sumatra. The resulting seed, Original Corojo, was to establish itself as the exclusive wrapper grown for Cuban cigars since 1948. The development of Corojo restored order in a mosaic of tobacco seeds that had prevailed since the end of the 19th century and came to be known as the finest tobacco ever grown in Cuba.

Since its development and through the Cuban revolution, the famed Corojo seed thrived and continued to gain global notoriety. It was until 1978, when a widespread devastation of blue mold hit the island, that the story of Original Corojo and tobacco in Cuba begins to take a different course. After the attack of ’78 – ‘79, the Estacion Experimental del Tabaco (San Juan y Martinez) begins to develop disease resistant hybrids, 208 new strains to be exact. However, only two made the cut and are known today as Havana 92 and Havana 2000. With new hybrids in hand, Cuba bid farewell to the famed seed and in 1996 the last crop of Original Corojo touches Cuban soil.

Cuba’s famed seed was smuggled off the island and taken to a remote farm in the rugged and dense jungle of the Jamastran Valley in Honduras, where Original Corojo is still grown today. Cuba’s legendary taste, preserved and protected for over 40 years, can still be experienced in its purest form by reaching for a Camacho Corojo. Through the painstaking work and uncompromising values of those who continue to preserve and protect the Corojo seed, Cuba’s original bold smoke continues to live on.

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