2016 Holiday Gift Guide - items for cigar lovers, fishermen, musicians and more

With the holidays just around the corner, we thought we’d help you out with the legwork and research that comes with buying gifts. There are items in here for the hairy, the shaven, the fishermen, and the flamboyant drinkers in your life.

Daniel Marshall Signature 100 Burl Humidor


California’s own Daniel Marshall has built his reputation on quality and reliability. This beautifully understated humidor has a nish you can’t ignore, but which will blend seamlessly with the rest of your decor. Most importantly, though, not many build them as well as Daniel.

Schulz & Malley Trading Company - The Regiment


The full lineup of Schulz & Malley products includes all the things you want to put on your face to lubricate your beard, shave, wash your face, and moisturize.

OneBlade Razor & Stand


Not every man takes shaving seriously. But if you’re the type who loves the ritual and values the highest-quality tools, this is the way to go. From the head that pivots on a Teflon-coated spring to the PVD coating providing corrosion resistance, OneBlade might be the best shave money can buy.

Mini bulldog


This is a bulldog. He’s made of iron. He weighs 3 pounds. He’s just under 5 inches tall. He’s smoking a cigar.

Sonoma Champagne Sabres - Fox Sciabola del Sommelier (nickel handle)

Put the days of opening champagne bottles with just your hands like a loser behind you. Once you uncork some bubbly with this sabre, handcrafted in the Maniago district of northeast Italy, you’ll never go back to the hand- popping ways of your past.

Tommy Bahama Corona Palms Mahogany Humidor


Keep about 100 cigars properly humidi ed and ready to enjoy with this mahogany humidor, which has an LED inside for those who like to pick cigars out in the dark. The build quality is no joke, and the fun Tommy Bahama art makes this humidor great for those who like to keep a little more fun in their man caves.

Zino Graphic Leaf accessories
Cigar case: $85
Lighter: $130
Cutter: $60


Transport, cut and light your cigars in style with these accessories, all featuring a graphic tobacco leaf print. It’s the high quality you expect from Davidoff, at accessible prices.

Chris Reeve Sebenza 25 Frame Lock Knife (with micarta inlays)


Chris Reeve took performance to the next level for the 25th Anniversary of its Sebenza knife. It has an added nger groove, a more stable washer, and a slightly thicker blade with asymmetrical thumb notches. This model also has canvas Micarta inlays to aid your grip.

MyCharge All Terrain Portable Charger


This 3350mAh portable USB charger is waterproof, temperature-proof, dirt-proof and shock-proof. Great for the traveler who can’t afford to have a phone run out of juice.

The Cigar World


The ultimate cigar coffee table book, the deep research and beautiful photography — covering everything from the world’s best cigar makers to the basics of blends — will keep everyone flipping through, from cigar lovers to non-smokers.

Fender T-Bucket 300CE Moonlight Burst


This bold acoustic-electric guitar with a built-in tuner combines good looks, playability, and Fender acoustic sound. Whether you’re jamming in your garage or taking the stage, this instrument is a good one to have in your lineup.

FireKing SH103


FireKing humidors, equipped with digital hygrometers and thermometers as well as Boveda humidi cation, are built to protect your cigars from ooding and res. If you have cigars in your collection that are of great monetary or sentimental value, this is how you protect them.

iBobber Bluetooth Smart Castable Fish Finder


It’s the smallest, lightest personal sonar depth nder out there. It syncs with a free app on your smartphone or tablet up to 100 feet away, giving you an edge over the sh below the surface and tipping Mother Nature’s scales for your day on the water.

The Limelens Set


Take your cell phone photography to new heights with this set of lenses that includes a dual Macro/Wide lens and a fisheye lens. Both attach to your phone, opening a new world of possibilities for your pictures.

Tommy Bahama Indoor/Outdoor Ashtray


A great addition to your deck or patio furniture, you won’t have to worry about this heavy-duty polymer ashtray getting worn or surviving exposure to the elements.

Five great gifts to get dad this Father's Day

Every dad is different, but it’s been our experience that most of your fathers have three interests in common: smoking, eating and drinking. With that in mind, we found a few gifts that should be instant hits. Hell, you’ll probably want them for yourself, too.

Brizard and Co. Zebrawood cigar accessories

  • The “Deck” Ashtray Oval (double): $120
  • The “Elite” Cigar Cutter: $115
  • The Cylinder Desk Humidor: $199
  • The “Show Band” 3 cigar case: $145

This company has been making beautiful cigar accoutrements for a long time. When we saw this zebrawood nish, we knew we had to let people know about it. It’s bright and eye-catching enough for ashier guys, yet understated and elegant enough not to embarrass your dad if he’s on the conservative side.


Coravin Model Eight Wine System


What if you could pour your wine without ever opening the bottle? This gadget pumps argon gas (which won’t oxidize your wine) into your bottle, pumping the wine back out through a hypodermic needle. When you pull the needle out, the cork seals itself, so you can come back to that bottle weeks, even months later and still enjoy it.


GoSun Sport

No fuel. No electricity. Just the sun being reflected into a glass tube and heating up the inside enough to cook just about any meal. It’s perfect for your outdoorsman dad. Sound too good to be true? We tested the sport model and became instant believers.


Vinturi Red Wine Aerator


Pour your wine through this thing, and your wine goes into the glass instantly aerated, bringing you better bouquet, flavors and finish. It’ll also minimize sediment and — if you were sloppy with the bottle opener — cork in your glass.


Thermopro TP-08 Wireless Thermometer

Leave the thermometer in your meat and monitor the temperature from up to 300 feet away. This will make Dad the ultimate multitasking grillmaster.