The King is Dead


Country:  Dominican Republic
Wrapper:  Dominican Republic
Binder:  Dominican Republic
Filler:  Dominican Republic
Price:  $7.00 - $12.00

Available in 4 Sizes:

Broken Sword (5 X 40)
Premier (5 X 50)
The Last Payday (6X52)  [pictured]
Supreme (7 X 52)


Robert Caldwell
President Caldwell Cigars

A lot of things have been said about where the names for The King is Dead and Long Live the King come from but we’d like to hear from you what the names actually mean. Or at least what you’re going to tell us the names mean…

Well, the original idea I had was that sometimes you smoke a cigar and it’s better because of the cigar you smoked right before it, if that makes any sense. You smoke this cigar then when you smoke the second cigar, your palate is in a way that it smokes better and it tastes better. So the original concept that I had was to make two cigars that were very complementary. One is meant to be smoked first, and the next one you smoke right after. So The King Is Dead followed by Long Live the King was the concept; we wanted to have something that was so damn good that you would want to jump to the next one right afterwards.
But, there are some hidden messages in there too…

Like the king ’s throne cut in half ?

Yeah, it’s funny, some people have been able to put it together but we’ll leave it at that .

So what about the actual cigar?

It’s a badass cigar. It’s a sweet cigar. It tastes like milk chocolate. It’s a really good cigar and we’re having our most success with sizes you wouldn’t think. Like our top seller is in the torpedo which is not common. I like it a lot. None of the cigars have like a clean finish, you know? They all have a long finish. They all linger on your palate.

You’re using this “Negrito” tobacco in this blend but not many people know anything about it. Can you give a lit tle background on it?

The history that I was given on Negrito is that it was very popular in the DR back in the ‘50s. However, there are some issues with the leaf; when I first smoked it, it didn’t burn well. I remember smoking pure Negrito back when I was at Wynwood and it was a great cigar but you literally had to have a lighter to it the whole time you were smoking. Like literally torch it to smoke it, but the flavor was very good. And then when you blended it, it didn’t blend. It tasted sour and it just didn’t work. But for some reason I couldn’t get the Negrito tobacco out of my head. 

So when we started making cigars for the Caldwell Collection, the first thing I HAD to do was work with Negrito and at this point the crop had rested long enough and the tobacco was more malleable and we could put it with other tobaccos and it blended better. So The King Is Dead turned out to be Dominican puro utilizing Negrito as the wrapper and also it’s got Negrito as par t of the filler component .

The story of Negrito is the same as like an authentic corojo. It has gotten hybridized to hell and it’s not a true leaf anymore, but Leo Reyes still grows the true Negrito. And it’s an interesting leaf because it’s got to me a flavor component that you just can’t find. It’s got like a milk chocolate and you have like dark chocolate, and a little bit of sour, some sweet, some richness, coffee notes. Collectively it will give you like a dark chocolate kind of flavor, but Negrito, it smokes very different. It’s just a very, very special tobacco. It even looks different; it’s kind of a grayish. You’ve seen the cigars up close, I’m sure, but it’s kind of a weird color. It’s like a grayish brown. It’s not really a brown brown.

It seems like you went to great lengths to find tobacco that tasted different than any other in the marketplace.

Yeah, guys smoke The King is Dead all the time and they’re like ‘I’ve never tasted this before’ and that was the goal. In the whole collection, that was kind of the goal. We don’t want you to smoke our stuff and say ‘Oh this taste like a Pepin’ or ‘This tastes like a Davidoff.’ We want it to be mor e unique.